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Department of Biology
258 Science Building
Cheney, WA 99004
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Biology Graduate Students

For additional information about the graduate program, please click on the link below:

Graduate Program


  • Sultan Areshi
    Sultan Areshi
    Graduate Student - McNeely's Lab
    SCI 275
  • Christopher Brady
    Christopher Brady
    Graduate Student - O'Connell's Lab

    I am currently measuring the owl species richness and abundance on TNWR using autonomous digital recorders in non-commercially thinned treatment areas.

  • Josh Chastek
    Josh Chastek
    Graduate Student - Herr's Lab
    SCI 237
  • Carolyn Connelly
    Carolyn Connelly
    Grraduate Student - McNeely's Lab
  • Kaeli Davenport
    Kaeli Davenport
    Graduate Student - Spruell, J Matos, Herr Labs
    SCI 190
  • Derek Entz
    Derek Entz
    Graduate Student - O'Connell, Brown Labs
    SCI 272

    I received my BA in Environmental Science from Simpson College, Iowa in 2014. While at Simpson College, during summers, I worked for the Pend Oreille Public Utility District where most of my work was focused on stream restoration for native trout species; specifically, Bull (Salvelinus confluentus) and Westslope cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarki lewisi).  Currently I am pursuing my Master's in Biology at Eastern Washington University.  


  • Savannah Garcia
    Savannah Garcia
    Graduate Student - Castillo's Lab
    SCI 291
  • Samuel Gunselman
    Samuel Gunselman
    Graduate Student - Spruell's Lab
    SCI 190
  • Emily Hendrix
    Emily Hendrix
    Graduate Student - L Matos' Lab
    SCI 293

    I have just graduated with a degree in Biology with an emphasis in Molecular Biotechnology and a minor in Chemistry at Eastern Washington University. I am continuing my scholarly and professional relationships through Molecular Biology graduate studies at EWU. I am extremely interested in viral genome studies, hoping to work in biodefense with BSL 3&4 organisms.

  • Amy Joy Hess
    Amy Joy Hess
    Graduate Student - O'Quinn's Lab
    SCI 242
  • Chantilly Higbee
    Chantilly Higbee
    Graduate Student - J. Matos' Lab
    SCI 240

    My research interests are in aquatic toxicology. I am interested in the relationships between environmental contaminants and invertebrate physiology, and in the use of invertebrates as biomonitors in impacted ecosystems. My thesis research involves studying the patterns of amphipod (Hyalella azteca) abundance and metal burden in the contaminated Coeur d'Alene (CdA) chain lakes and testing the stress and tolerance of CdA amphipods to trace metal and thermal stresses.

  • Sarah Hindle
    Sarah Hindle
    Graduate Student - McNeely's Lab
    SCI 275

    My name is Sarah Hindle. Im originally from Brooklyn, New York, and then moved to Syracuse. There, I got my bachelor's degree in Aquatics and Fisheries Science from the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. I am also a SEA Semester alum. 

    Currently, I am a Masters student with Dr. Camille McNeely, where I study larval recruitment of white sturgeon in Lake Roosevelt, WA.

  • Shelby Hunter
    Shelby Hunter
    Graduate Student - O'Connell's Lab
    SCI 272

    "I received my B.S. in Biology focusing on wildlife management from Eastern Washington University in 2016. I was an intern for SCA at the TNWR in the summer of 2016 where I surveyed several hundred invasive plant species evaluating the efficacy of past treatments and applied treatments where needed. My main interests are in ornithology and envision a research project that focuses on winter cavity nesting birds and their flocking behavior."

  • Wendall Kane
    Wendall Kane
    Graduate Student - Bastow's Lab
    SCI 235
  • Trevor Kirby
    Trevor Kirby
    Graduate Student - Ochoa Reparaz's Lab
    SCI 289

    My name is Trevor Kirby and I am originally from Chicago, Illinois.  I started my Biology career as a Naturalist at the Brookfield Zoo where I was fortunate to have gained experience working on the social behavior of bats. During my academic career I also helped with faculty research in various areas.  I was given the wonderful opportunities to work on the JAK/STAT cellular signaling pathways and its implications involving fetal alcohol syndrome development.  While in Chicago my most impactful research experience was at Loyola University in the Stritch School of Medicine; I aided doctoral students as well as post docs in various aspects of their research on TRIM-5α and its implications towards HIV.

    Ultimately, I hope to hone my research abilities while advancing my education at EWU.  I hope to not only help advance our scientific understanding of the natural world but also to represent the LGBTQ community and to promote social respect for my fellow community members.

  • Olivia Morgan
    Olivia Morgan
    Graduate Student - Brown's Lab
    SCI 245

    Olivia graduated from the University of Rochester in 2013 with a BS in Ecology and spent two years at StreamTeam in Vancouver, WA working on riparian restoration plantings. She is excited to continue working with riparian vegetation in the Brown lab.

  • Henry Price
    Henry Price
    Graduate Student - McNeely's Lab
    SCI 275
  • Chelan Rogers
    Chelan Rogers
    Graduate Student - Black lab

    I received my BS in Biology from Utah State University in 2013. My previous research experience includes working with insect biocontrol in both agricultural and non-agricultural settings, invasive species of lady bird beetles, and vegetation surveys to monitor bee habitat. I am primarily interested in evolutionary ecology, particularly in invertebrate systems.  My thesis project involves phenotypic plasticity of Daphnia pulex in multi-predator systems. Specifically, I am interested in applying the well-studied phenomenon of necktooth induction via Chaoborus kairomone into an ecological context.

  • Robert Shadix
    Robert Shadix
    Graduate Student - Magori's Lab
    SCI 272
  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith
    Graduate Student - L Matos' Lab
    SCI 293
  • Cody Thomas
    Cody Thomas
    Graduate Student - Brown's Lab
    SCI 245

    My name is Cody Thomas. I graduated from EWU in 2016. Over the last few years I have been lucky enough to work as an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Brown's lab, as well as pursue my own research project at TNWR. As a graduate student, my research involves studying the effects of large-scale dam removal on riparian vegetation on the Elwha River.

  • Morgan Thomas
    Morgan Thomas
    Graduate Student - Castillo, Daberkow, Matos' Lab
    SCI 291

     I completed my BS degree in Physiology at the University of Washington in 2013. After working at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle for two years I returned home to eastern Washington to pursue my Masters of Science in Biology here at EWU. I am working in Dr. Daberkow's lab studying effects of treatment for PTSD and related treatments on reward seeking behavior and dopamine signaling.

  • Shawna Warehime
    Shawna Warehime
    Graduate Student - Spruell and McNeely's Lab
    SCI 190
  • Bryan Witte
    Bryan Witte
    Graduate Student - Spruell's Lab
    SCI 190
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