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Noyce Scholarship Application Procedures

The goal of the Eastern Washington University Robert Noyce Scholarship program is to increase the number and quality of science and mathematics teachers by encouraging majors in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines to become teachers. The progam is an EWU/Spokane Public School partnership and is funded by the National Science Foundation.  Twelve scholarships of up to $16,000 per year are available for STEM majors seeking to become teachers. Recipients must commit to serving two years as a mathematics or science teacher in a high-need school for each year of support.


  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien
  • Fit one one of these two categories:
    • Declared STEM major within 2 years of graduation in a STEM discipline. Or,
    • Possess STEM degree and pursuing STEM teaching certification in post-baccalaureate status.

Application Procedures:

1.    Complete Robert Noyce Scholarship application

2.    Meet with the respective Math or Science advisor below to draft a class schedule to ensure completion of STEM major and teaching certification requirements:

Science:  Heather McKean, 509.359.6512

Mathematics:  Dr Keith Adolphson, 509. 359.6066

3.    Submit the following to Dr Keith Adolphson, Project Director, Kingston 216:

New Applicants:

  • Robert Noyce Scholarship Application
  • A brief essay regarding your interest and experiences that support teaching including, if any, experiences underserved populations (see guidelines below)
  • A draft class schedule for completion of major and teaching certification requirements
  • Three references (two-academic and one-professional) using this reference form.
  • Due:  On or before February 1:

Continuing Scholars:

  • Robert Noyce Scholarship Application.
  • Updated class schedule
  • Mentor evaluations will be used instead of references.
  • Due:  On or before January 15:

4.   For finalists, successfully complete an interview with project staff. You will be contacted to schedule this appointment.

Essay Guidelines:

In a short essay (about 350 words), consider the following question:

Robert Noyce, who is now considered the father of the integrated chip and the father of Silicon Valley, became interested in Science and Mathematics at an early age. Specifically, his interest in the mechanics of vacuum tubes was fostered by an inspirational physics teacher. Robert attributed his interest and success in designing the integrated chip to this teacher. Robert noted the love, passion, knowledge, and commitment this teacher had to teaching physics. Knowing that the spirit of the Robert Noyce scholarship is to support promising Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Engineering (STEM) teachers in their efforts to pursue a successful career in STEM teaching:

  • What can you say about other teachers who have similarly influenced you in pursuing a STEM major?
  • What characteristics do you have and need to develop to become a successful STEM teacher?
  • What ways have you; might you inspire others to be interested and inspired by STEM content, concepts or principles?
  • As a teacher you will be expected to demonstrate the ability to relate to a diverse population of students who may face obstacles due to income background, ethnicity, gender orientation, or disability.  How have your experiences equipped you to meet this challenge?


Scholarship review begins in February with finalist interviews beginning in mid-Febraury and notification to selected recipients by April. Those not selected will receive notice in mid-April.

Selection Criteria

1.        Academic merit

2.        References (2 academic, 1 professional)

3.        Consideration for financial need

4.        Consideration for diversity

5.        Interest and experiences that support teaching

6.        Interest and experiences that support working with underserved and underrepresented populations

7.        Mentor evaluations (for continuing scholars)

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