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General Student Information

The links below provide information and instructions that will help streamline some processes for biology majors and students taking biology courses.

Declare Your Major
Assigned Biology Advisor
Biology Quarterly Schedules
Registering for Biology Courses
Prerequisite Overrides
Releasing Holds
Maximum Class Size Met
Special Course Approval/Registration Form


Declare Biology As Your Major:

Come to SCI 258 and speak with Secretary Senior, Lisa Williams who will help you complete a Major Declaration Form and identify an appropriate faculty advisor. Your assigned advisor may need to meet with you prior to signing the form. Once signed and returned to the department secretary (who will forward to Records & Registration), you are officially a biology major.

Your student file will be kept in the Biology Office. You may come to the office and check your file out at any time. Please return your file when you are done in case a professor or your advisor needs to review it.

If you have an advising appointment, please pick up your file prior to your meeting to assist your advisor. After your appointment please return the file as soon as possible.

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Most Biology professors are advisors in their specialty. (Click for the list of advisors based on subject/specialty.) Each advisor schedules their own appointments. Please see our directory for professors' contact information and office hours. You may contact them by email, telephone, or wait for office hours. 

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Registering for Biology Courses:

Students can register for most Biology courses on Eaglenet. Exceptions that may prevent Eaglenet registration are for prerequisite deficiencies, advising and other holds, major declaration, maximum class size is reached (class is full), or special permission is required. Here is some information that may help overcome registration problems.

Prerequisite Deficiencies (Registration Hold):

Prerequisites are courses you are required to take prior to registering for a class (although, some prerequisites may be taken concurrently). Prerequisites are identified on Eaglenet and in the quarterly bulletin. If you have not satisfied the course prerequisites, Eaglenet will not permit you to register for that course. If you are a transfer student and have completed equivalent prerequisites at another institution, Eaglenet may not recognize equivalency and indicate that prerequisites have not been met. In either case:

  • Obtain a Biology Registration Clearance form from the Biology office, SCI 258. 
  • Complete the form, including the 5-digit CRN # of the course and section for which you want to register.
  • Take to the course instructor to approve/sign. In some cases, the department Chair may sign the form.
  • Return the completed, signed form to the Biology secretary to override the prerequisite hold. PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST ONE HOUR FOR THE HOLD TO BE RELEASED.
  • Log onto Eaglenet and register for the course. Check with the department secretary if a problem still exists.

Note that the Biology secretary may only override prerequisite holds for Biology courses only. For courses in other departments, students will need to go to that department to have the hold released. 

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Advising Holds:

Eaglenet may not allow some students to register for any courses until they have an advising hold released. Generally, this applies to undeclared freshmen and transfer students and requires that you declare Biology as your major and see your assigned advisor. In addition, the secretary will need a completed and signed Biology Registration Clearance form (see above section).

Other holds may prevents students from registering. Check with your advisor or the Biology secretary for information on how to get the hold released.

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Class Maximum Met (Unable to Register):

Eaglenet will not allow anyone to add a course if the class is full. Class size is based on several factors and often cannot be overridden. If you need a particular course for graduation or other extreme circumstance, in some cases the instructor MAY authorize course size overload. So your first step is to contact the instructor.  If the instructor permits you into the course, he/she may be able to complete on Eaglenet; otherwise, an In-Class Registration Form (available online, in Sutton Hall, or at the Biology Office SCI 258) will need to be signed and turned in to Sutton Hall, 2nd Floor to be registered. If the instructor will not allow course size overload, your next option is to regularly check Eaglenet to see if someone drops, then immediately register for the course. Finally, you may want to contact the Biology Department Chair (via the department secretary) to alert him/her to a possible need for another section. A new section MAY be opened provided there are a sufficient number of students needing to add the course.

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Independent/Directed Study (Permit Required to Register):

Students may not use Eaglenet to register for special permission courses: Independent/directed study, internships, thesis, and other by-permission only courses.

  • Obtain a Special Course Approval/Registration Form from the Biology office, SCI 258. 
  • Complete the bottom part of the form, including the 5-digit CRN # of the course and section for which you want to register.
  • If registering for an independent study or internship, enter a brief (concise) description in the "Course Title" and "Course Content" boxes -- this information will appear on your transcript, so enter text that reflects what your independent study or internship will cover.
  • Take to the course instructor to sign.
  • Return the completed, signed form to the Biology secretary to obtain the Chair's signature and forward to the dean's office (they will forward to Records & Registration to be registered). PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST ONE WEEK FOR THE COURSE TO APPEAR ON YOUR EAGLENET SCHEDULE.
  • Check with the department secretary if your registration does not come through in a timely manner.

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