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Science Olympiad Team Announcements

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Team coaches, please check this page regularly for updates and other announcements.


TEAM ANNOUNCEMENTS - SFCC. Check back regularly for updates.
Date Announcement
2/24/14 Students competing in closed events may not return to the event room if they need to leave after the event begins (such as leaving to go to the restroom).
2/24/14 Science Olympiad team participants may NOT bring cell phones or other communication devices into closed event locations. Event supervisors will be asked to collect phones brought into closed events.
2/24/14 Pre-Sign-Up for all sign-up events will take place via online scheduling in the week preceding tournament. Watch for e-mail and on web site announcements page. Be prepared to submit requests within a few days of receiving the e-mail/availability of online scheduling program. ONLY coaches/assistant coaches should handle pre-sign-up. If coach misses online sign-up, sign-up sheets will be available at Tournament Headquarters (SUB) prior to the start of the tournament on March 8th.
2/24/14 Mission Possible - C Division. Task Sequence Lists need to be turned in prior to the start of the tournament. Instructions will be provided to coaches regarding when/where to submit.
2/24/14 Mission Possible - C Division. Be sure Task Sequence Lists have team name AND team number clearly identified.
2/24/14 What to bring to registration. Reminder that coaches need to bring the following to team check-in on Saturday, 7-9AM in the SUB: (1) Signed Roster/Ethics Form and (2) Photography Release. Both forms are available online. On the Roster-Ethics Form, please be sure printed students' names are legible and that all students have signed.

ALSO BRING enough copies of the final schedule (to be posted by 3/7/14) and campus map for all team members and coaches. Copies will NOT be includes team packets.
2/24/14 Helicopters - B Division. Room dimensions will be provided ASAP, but should be same/similar to 2012: 25' x 60' x 10'10" (height).
2/24/14 # Teams advancing to state tournament: 5 B and 3 C teams will advance from SFCC to the state tournament at EWU on 4/12/2014.
2/24/14 There will not be an Opening Cermony ... will be rolled into the Closing Ceremony.
2/24/14 For Device Impound. Impound for sign-up events starting at 9AM will be 8:30-9:00 at the event locations (TBA by Friday, 3/7). Impound for sign-up events starting at 11AM will be 10:30-11:00 at the event locations (TBA).
2/24/14 Availability of Food. While the cafeteria will not be open, there will be a concession stand selling hot dogs, nachos, pizza, pretzels, pop, and water. Otherwise, students and coaches should plan to bring lunches/snacks/coffee or travel off campus - nearest restaurants are about 5-10 drive.
2/24/14 MagLev - C Division. Dimensions of the track provided on tournament day will be supplied ASAP ... but standard Kelvin track approximately 8 feet long.
3/3/14 Build Event Pre-Sign-Up. Log-on for build events pre-sign-up: B Division: C Division: Open ONLY between: Midnight Monday 3/3 (technically 3/4) until 9AM Thursday, 3/6. User name is coach's first name (lower case) and password is your team number without hyphen followed by initial of coach's first name (lower case). Example: Podunk High School C-80 whose coach of record is John Doe has user name of “john” and password of “C80j” ... or if B division "B80j". If the same coach is listed for multiple teams, above password is followed by first letter or number of that team name (e.g., if John Doe is coaching a Black team and a Red team, passwords would be C80jb and C80jr). For teams with numbers 1-9, add zero (C01x, C02x, etc.). Bookmark the web page for easy return. Do NOT give log-on information to students. ONLY coach or designee should log on/sign up.
3/3/14 Experimental Design - C Division. Students absolutely will need chemical goggles, aprons,and closed toed shoes for Experimental Design C. They will not need gloves.
3/4/14 Mission Possible - C Division. Sign-up times on ESUS - even though showing 10 minutes would be when you START setting up. So if you sign up for 9:00-9:10, you actually are signing up for 9-9:30 set up, followed by testing - no more than 3 minutes. Please consider set-up time as you schedule sign-up time.
3/4/14 Schedule & Team Rooms. SFCC schedule showing event locations is now posted to web site - on most all web pages for SFCC tournament. Reminder that you need to copy enough schedules for all students.

There was a change of some team rooms - now posted. Be sure you have latest room assignment prior to Saturday - it has 3/4 10:36AM listed at bottom of page.
3/4/14 Mission Possible - C Division. Be prepared to turn in Task Sequence List (TSL) at team check-in Saturday AM. Teams MUST submit TSL no later than 8:30 AM.
3/5/14 Room Change - WIDI B Division. Room change to Bldg 28-201/202 ... revised schedule uploaded to web site.
3/5/14 Helicopters - B Division. Room dimensions are: 25' x 60' x 10'10" (height).
3/6/14 Updated Campus Map. Building 30 - where C team rooms are located is on this map. It is between buildings 18 and 28 and across from SUB where most activities are taking place.
3/6/14 Simple Machines Impound - B Division. Impound for Simple Machines will be 8:30-9:00 at event location. [Originally, it was identified as 10:30-11:00 ... but teams not impounding device by 9:00 AM will not be able to compete in the device-testing portion of the event.]
3/6/14 ESUS Sign-Up Software. Due to the glitch in having more than one slot per time period, pre-sign-up has been extended until noon today (Thursday, 3/6). An e-mail was sent to all coaches identifying what specific teams needed to switch times. If your team wasn't identified, your sign-up has gone through ok. For teams that have not yet signed up at all, please do so by noon today.
3/7/14 MagLev - C Division. Dimensions of the track provided by event supervisor: Length: 243.8 cm (8 feet) ... with 119cm marked off from both ends; Width (between rails): 6.5 cm (2-9/16 inches); Height (from magnet to top of rail): 3.0 cm (1-3/8 inch).
3/7/14 Build Events Pre-Sign-Up Sheets - B & C Divisions. Due to issues with pre-sign-up software, here are links to final pre-sign-up FYI. If you haven't signed up or your team is not identified where you believed you had time slot, please see event supervisor 8:30-9:00 for 9:00-starting events and 10:30-11:00 for 11:00-starting events ... at event location.
B Division Sign-Up Sheets
C Division Sign-Up Sheets
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