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BS in Chemistry/Biochemistry - Standard option

This major program provides the normal preparation in chemistry for students planning employment as chemists, and provides considerable chemical background in preparation for careers outside chemistry. It is appropriate for some students who plan to enter professional schools, such as dentistry, or public and environmental health.

Click here for a list of requirements and a sample four year plan. 

Advisors: Dr. Houndonougbo, Dr. Manson (On Professional Leave through Fall Quarter 2015), Dr. Masiello

Required Courses: 54-56 credits
CHEM 151 General Chemistry (5)
CHEM 152 General Chemistry (5)
CHEM 153 General Chemistry (5)
CHEM 304 Quantitative Analysis (6)
CHEM 351 Organic Chemistry (4)
CHEM 352 Organic Chemistry (4)
CHEM 353 Organic Chemistry (3)
CHEM 372 Organic Chemistry Lab I (3)
CHEM 421 Physical Chemistry (4)
CHEM 422 Physical Chemistry (3)
CHEM 423 Physical Chemistry (3)
CHEM 431 Physical Chemistry Lab (1)
CHEM 432 Physical Chemistry Lab (2)
CHEM 433 Physical Chemistry Lab (2)
CHEM 491 Senior Thesis (4-6)
Select one of the following courses: 5 credits
CHEM 418 Modem Analytical Chemistry (5)
CHEM 419 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (5)
CHEM 420 Instrumental Analysis (5)

Required Supporting Courses: 30 credits
MATH 161 Calculus I (5)
MATH 162 Calculus II (5)
MATH 163 Calculus III (5)
PHYS 151 General Physics I (4)
PHYS 152 General Physics II (4)
PHYS 153 General Physics III (4)
PHYS 161 Mechanics Lab (1)
PHYS 162 Heat & Optics Lab (1)
PHYS 163 Instrumentation Lab I (1)

Electives: 6 credits
Select from the 300-level or above Chemistry and Biochemistry courses
Chem 390 will not be accepted as one of these electives.

Suggested Supporting Courses: (5)
Completion of a Computer programming course is strongly recommended.
(See your Chemistry/Biochemistry advisor.)

What will I study?

Students study general, organic and physical chemistry, with supporting course work in physics and calculus.

Emphases / Concentrations:

  • Receiving a broad background in chemistry.

Interesting courses I might take:

  • Modern Analytical Chemistry
  • Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
  • Instrumental Analysis
  • Quantitative Analysis

What could I do with my degree?

  • Professional Schools
  • Public Health
  • Environmental Professional
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