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Faculty & Staff

  • Berenice Emehiser
    Berenice Emehiser
    Part-Time Physics Faculty
    Science Building, SCI 162
    Phone: 509.359.6958
  • Brian D. Houser, PhD
    Brian D. Houser, PhD

    Dr. Houser's interests include the use of x-ray spectroscopy in the determination of the atomic structures of materials, specifically, crystalline solids under extreme pressures; all aspects of modern medical imaging, such as MRI and CAT scanning; and an interest in the scientific literacy of students in general.

  • Douglas Rutledge, PhD
    Douglas Rutledge, PhD
    SCI 148
    Phone: 509.359.4123
  • Robert W. Ruotsalainen, PhD
    Robert W. Ruotsalainen, PhD

    Robert Ruotsalainen co-majored in physics and astronomy at the University of Washington, receiving the Bachelor of Science degree in 1974. After earning a Ph.D. in astronomy from the University of Hawaii in 1982, he joined the Physics Department at Eastern Washington University in the fall of 1983. His instructional emphases include introductory algebra- and calculus-based physics, as well as upper-division courses in quantum and atomic physics, optics and astrophysics. Current research interests include the computational modeling of stellar populations and star formation within irregular galaxies.

  • Achin Sen, PhD
    Achin Sen, PhD

    Dr. Sen received his M.S. and Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1976, specializing in Theoretical Particle Physics. He came to the Physics Department at Eastern Washington University in 1984. He currently teaches courses on Electromagnetism, Intro to Quantum Physics, Quantum Physics, Atomic Physics, Descriptive Astronomy, and Relativity.

  • David Syphers, Ph.D.
    David Syphers, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor
    SCI 158
    Phone: 509.359.6959
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