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Climbing Wall Staff

  • Kevin Klim
    Kevin Klim
    Climbing Wall Manager
    150B URC
    Phone: 509.359.4015

    Kevin has been the Climbing Wall Manager since 2008. When he isn't busy teaching classes, serving the students of EWU or spending time with his wonderful wife and three kids, Kevin tries to find time to get in a route or two.

  • Kirestin Hardin
    Kirestin Hardin
    Assistant Manager

    Kirestin is a Graduate student in the Sports and Recreation Administration Program. Kirestin attended her first four years at Eastern getting her BA in Recreation Management. Her first climbing experience occured during her freshman year when a friend drug her to try it for the first time. After the first session, she was hooked. Kirestin enjoys anything that involves being in the outdoors but particularly loves to hike, snowboard, paddle board, and (obviously) climb. 

  • Chantilly Higbee
    Chantilly Higbee
    Assistant Manager

    Chantilly graduated this spring with degrees in environmental science and biology. She believes climbing is a great vessel to meet and connect with others while getting outside and enjoying the wilderness. Her short climbing career began about 3 years ago when she took the Intro to Rock course. Chantilly now enjoys fostering experiences and love for climbing within the EWU community. She also enjoys long hikes, strong coffee, watching documentaries with good company and winding down with a book at the end of a full day.

  • Brian Kinder
    Brian Kinder

    Brian Kinder is a sophomore Exercise Science Pre-Physical Therapy major. He began climbing 3 years ago and is looking forward to the places climbing will take him!

  • Jordan Slemmons
    Jordan Slemmons

    Jordan is a senior majoring in Exercise Science with a coaching minor.  He is one of the head route setters at the Climbing Wall, which is an activity that he is very passionate about.  Jordan enjoys riding his bicycle everywhere and commutes on two wheels as much as possible. He loves climbing and likes to try a little bit of everything when it comes to styles, but enjoys bouldering the most.  When Jordan is not climbing or riding his bike, he is a self-professed movie fanatic and loves all things related to film. He also enjoys playing scrabble, cooking, and hanging out with friends.

  • Micah Fechner
    Micah Fechner

    Micah is a junior. On his first EPIC trip he went climbing at Trail Lake Coulee, and has been hooked ever since. He enjoys biking, snowboarding, and white water rafting as well.

  • Chloë Mell
    Chloë Mell

    Chloë is a junior and has been apart of the eastern climbing community since her freshman year. This will be her second year teaching.

  • John Guy
    John Guy

    John is a Nursing major here at Eastern. He has been climbing for 2 years and loves bouldering. John is a member of the climbing club.  When he is not climbing, he enjoys  playing Ultimate Frisbee, traveling, and just experiencing the outdoors.

  • Ivy Say
    Ivy Say

    Ivy is a junior majoring in Dental Hygiene. She fell in love with climbing after going on a climbing trip to Trail Lake Coulee with Epic Adventures. She later joined the climbing club of which she became president. She is drawn to the strong sense of community that she has experienced while hanging out at the Climbing Wall. When she is not out climbing with friends, Ivy also enjoys camping.

  • Danielle Hadaway
    Danielle Hadaway

    Danielle is a junior in the Visual Communication Design program. She started climbing in 2012 when she came to Eastern and hasn't stopped climbing since. She is now also teaching Into to Rock Climbing classes at the Climbing Wall and is a part of the climbing club. Danielle has made life long friends with the staff and climbers at the Wall and hopes to continue to make memories throughout her years at EWU.

  • Cayla Gleaton
    Cayla Gleaton

    Cayla is a freshman interested in pursuing a degree in Exercise Science. She has been climbing for the past three years, both inside and outside of the gym. Over the past few summers she worked as an instructor for kids' climbing camps.  Apart from climbing, Cayla enjoys skiing, running and backpacking. 

  • Alla Chekulayva
    Alla Chekulayva

    Alla is a senior majoring in psychology. She began climbing about three years ago when a friend introduced her to the Climbing Wall and she quickly fell in love with climbing. Alla also enjoys reading books, playing video games, and anything related to the outdoors; she loves nature, a lot. She also enjoys playing with cardboard boxes. It's a bird! It's a plane! Its a spaceship! It's your imagination; it's anything you want it to be!

  • Bernt Goodson
    Bernt Goodson

    Bernt is an Environmental Science/Geology major and has been climbing since 2012. Other outdoor activities he enjoys, aside from climbing, include: backpacking, snowboarding, and rafting. He hopes climbing will remain a life long passion.

  • Jonah Blank
    Jonah Blank

    Jonah is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering. He loves the science and physics of climbing almost as much as actually doing it, and will over think every anchor he builds. He finds peace making things with his hands and being alone with the motorcycle he considers his soul mate.

  • Siobhan Ebel
    Siobhan Ebel

    Siobhan is a senior at EWU. She enjoys bouldering, top roping, and lead climbing. She is hoping to learn more about ice climbing, multi-pitch and traditional climbing. When Siobhan has free time she enjoys photography and Disney movies.

  • Julie Tramp
    Julie Tramp

    Julie Tramp is a junior pre-nursing student who decided to join the climbing community after attending RecSplosion her freshman year. She loves the welcoming and friendly atmosphere she has found at the Climbing Wall. During her spare time, Julie enjoys knitting and going on walks with her husband.

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