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Getting Started at the Wall

Who can use the EPIC Climbing Wall?

The EPIC Climbing Wall is free and open for students who are currently enrolled in classes and for community members with a current URC Pass. The URC Pass can be purchased at the Ice Skating Desk.

Never been climbing? Here's how it works.


To use the wall on your own, you must first watch our 5 minute orientation video and sign our waiver. After the orientation, equipment is free to use while bouldering (climbing without a rope up to 15 feet).

Using the ropes - Top roping


Top roping is climbing up to 30 feet using a rope. If you are new to top roping and would like to learn how, we offer belay certification classes throughout the week that will teach you the techniques needed to climb using ropes. The belay class usually lasts about 2 hours. As with bouldering, equipment is free for all users. The current belay class schedule can be found at the Climbing Wall kiosk. Belay classes can also be scheduled by appointment.

For experienced climbers...


If you have previous experience belaying, can properly put on a harness, tie in using a figure eight, and can effectively belay a climber, we can give you a proficiency test. This test takes about 10-15 minutes and is free. After passing the proficiency test, you are then able to belay other climbers while top roping.

It is required for all users to pass a proficiency test in order to belay in our gym.




 There's more!


In addition to bouldering and top rope climbing, the gym offers beginner, intermediate and advanced climbing classes for credit. Lead climbing and seasonal ice climbing are also offered.

Ice climbing at the EPIC Climbing Wall

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