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Rental Items

- Items are available to rent on a first come, first served basis.
- Prices listed are for student and affiliates only, community members will be charged an additional 20%.
- Security deposit required.

Camping Items

Description   Rental    (Daily)   Rental    (Extra Day)
Backpack, 90 L$6$3
Camp Chair$3$2
Dry Bag, Large$3$2
Dry Bag, Sizes XS - M$2$1
Light Weight Fleece Jacket, Quarter Zip, Sizes S - XXL$3$2
Medium Weight Fleece Jacket, Sizes S - XXL$3$2
Megamid $8$4
Puffy Jacket, Sizes S - XXL$3$2
Rain Jacket, Sizes S - XXL$3$2
Rain Pants, Sizes S - XXL$3$2
Sleeping Bag Liner$2$1
Sleeping Bag, Regular & Long$6$4
Sleeping Pad, 3/4 Length $3$2
Sleeping Pad, Full Length $6$4
Stuff Sacks$1$1
Tent, Two Person $6$3
Tent, Three Person $8$5
Tent, Four Person$10$7
Tent, Six Person$12$8
Trecking Poles$3$2

Cooking Items

DescriptionRental (Daily)Rental (Extra  Day)
Blue Water Jugs$2$1
60 & 80 Quart Coolers$4$2
GSI Large Pot w/Small Pot and Cutting Board Cookset $4$3
Large Pot w/Small Pot Cookset $4$3
Large Dutch Oven$3$2
Backcountry Oven$3$1
Medium Pot with Small Pot Cookset $3$2
Blue Roll Tables$3$2
Green Latern$3$2
Backcountry Stove$3$2
Colman Two Burner Stove$3$2
Comercial Stove$3$2

Whitewater Items

Description   Rental    (Daily)   Rental    (Extra Day)
11' Raft Package$40$35
14' Raft Package$55$50
14' Cataraft Package$55$50
16' Raft Package$60$50
16' Cataraft Package$60$50
Small Center Mount Frame for 11 ft Boat 'Blue'$20$15
Center Mount Frame for 14 ft$20$15
Medium Center Mount Frame, Welded, for 14 ft Boat 'Red'$20$15
Cataraft Frame for 14 or 16 ft Cat 'Green'$20$15
Gear Frame for 14 or 16 ft Boat 'no tape'$20$15
Stern Mount Frame 'Red'$20$15
Oars, 8 - 10 ft$10$12
Kayak Paddle, Whitewater or Touring
Inflatable Kayak Paddle$3$2
Rafting Paddle$3$2

Kayak, Whitewater
Adjustable Tunnel Whitewater Kayak Skirts$5$4
Float Bags$3$2
Sit on Top Kayak$15$12
Inflatable Kayak, 2 Seats$26$18
Throw Rope Orange$5$3
Pump for Rafts Large$7$5
Dry Box$5$4
Small Raft Pumps Large$6$4
Small Raft Pumps $5$3
Cargo Net$15$12
Bow Line$2$1
Flip Lines$2$1
Oar Leashes$2$1
Thwart Bag$20$10

Water Booties, Sizes 5 - 13$2$1
Splashtop, Sizes S - XL$4$2
Neoprene Tunnel Whitewater Kayak Skirts$5$4
Dry Top, Sizes S - XL$20$15
Dry Bibs, Sizes S - L$20$15
Wet Suit, Long Sleeve, Sizes XS - XL$4$2
Wet Suit, Sleevless, Sizes S - XXL$4$2
Type III  PFD, Sizes S - XXL$4$2
Type V PFD, Universal$4$2
Type V PFD, Youth$2$1
River Helmet, Size S - XL$2$1

Snow Items

 DescriptionRental DailyRental  (Extra Day)
Snowboard Package - Boots, Board, Bindings$15$10
Ice Tools$15$10
XC Skis, 100 - 215$8$6
Ice Axes, 65, 70, 75 cm$7$4
Snow Shoes, 23, 25, 27, 30$6$4
Mountaineering Boots, 5 - 14$6$4
Snow Shovels$6$4
Avalanch Probe Poles$5$3
Snow Pickets$5$3
Gore-Tex Gaitors, M - XL$3$2
XC Boots, 27 - 50$3$2
XC Ski Poles, 70 - 150$2$1
Overshoes, S - XXL$0$0
Insulated Neos Explorer Black Overshoes (Insulated), M - XXL$0$0
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