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College of Arts, Letters, & Education 

Graduate Assistant in Outdoor Recreation (2013-2014 School Year)

Department of Physical Education, Health & Recreation

Eastern Washington University and the College of Arts, Letters, & Education invite applications for a Graduate Assistant in Outdoor Recreation in our Department of Physical Education, Health & Recreation ("PEHR").  This position will begin fall quarter, mid-September 2013.

Please follow this link for more information on this position.


EWU's Graduate Affairs Council (GAC) has room for one more graduate student to be appointed to serve on the council.  Interested applicants may fill out a committee application in PUB 303.

The function of the Graduate Affairs Council is to advise on matters involving the graduate program of the university, which includes curriculum, admissions, program development, course approval, degree requirements, program evaluation, follow-up, advanced placement, academic standards and academic counseling.  Each GAC member serves on one of the three (3) council committees:  Course and Program Approval #1, Course and Program Approval #2, or Policy Development  and  Review  Committee  (PDRC).  The  vice  provost  for  academic  affairs  is responsible for coordinating the selection of these students.  The students must be selected from three (3) different graduate degree programs (currently students are serving from Physical Education and Communications).

Please contact Frank McNeilly, ASEWU Public Relations Specialist at 509.359.2516 or for further information.


The following departments may have GSA's to offer for the 2013-2014 school year.  Please contact the department directly for more information.

Athletics ( Don Ross - or 509.359.7436)

Global Initiatives (Cathy Dixon - or 509.359.4863)

McNair Scholars (Christina Torres Garcia - or 509.359.2471)

New Student Transitions (Victor Rodríguez - or 509.359.6843)

Office of Student Involvement & Leadership (Stacey Reece - or 509.359.6960)

Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities - (Stacey Reece - or 509.359.6960)

PLUS Programs - (Verlinda Washburn - or 509.359.6299)

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