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Nonresident Tuition Scholarship Waivers

Full-Time Graduate Student Total Tuition and Fees per Quarter, 2014-2015 Amount Waived per Quarter Balance Charged to Student
NRTS Waiver $8,462 $3,101 $5,361

EWU graduate nonresident tuition scholarship (NRTS) waivers are available to high-achieving students nominated by their academic department or program. These awards reduce nonresident tuition to approximately 150% of the resident rate in the student's chosen program. No service to the University is required of recipients of NRTS waivers. Interested students must contact the program to which they are applying. These awards may not be combined with other tuition waiver awards. Students must remain in good academic standing with a cumulative graduate GPA of at least 3.0 and maintain full-time enrollment of 10 credits or more per quarter in order to continue receiving this waiver. Please review this PDF document for detailed information about requirements and conditions of these awards:

NRTS information

In order to reduce their total tuition charge even further, students who accept this waiver in their first year of enrollment should seek, whenever possible, to become classified as Washington residents for the second year of their program. For more on this topic, visit the residency pages maintained by the Records and Registration Office.

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