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Frequently Asked Quesions

Want to play but don't know enough people to form a team?

Are you new on campus yet want to get involved in campus activities such as IM Sports? Do you want to play but not if it means adopting a "win at all costs" attitude? Don't waste time, get involved with the EWU Intramural Sports program and join the fun! Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the IM program. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact the IM Sports Office at EWU and get the ball rolling.

Why should I play Intramural Sports?

It is our hope that all IM participants will achieve improved physical fitness, increased self esteem, take advantage of the opportunity to interact socially with other students away from the rigors of daily student life but most importantly, to just have fun! Participating in activities such as Intramural Sports will help make your stay at EWU a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Who is eligible to participate?

The IM program is open to all currently enrolled EWU students, faculty, staff or their spouses.

How much does it cost to participate?

Teams pay a $25 entry fee for all IM Leagues, most Special Events are free.

How competitive is the program?

Many of our larger leagues offer "A" (more competitive) and "B" (recreational) Divisions to assure that all skill levels have a place to play

How do I get on a team?

There are many ways to get on an I.M. team. Many students form their own teams and sign up as a team at the quarterly I.M. Informational Meeting which is usually held on the second Monday of each quarter. Individuals without a team affiliation are designated as "Free Agents" and may join a team at any time during the regular league season. There are other ways for Free Agents to get on a team. They include:
1) Attend the quarterly I.M. Informational Meeting, usually held the second Monday of each quarter. At that meeting they can be picked up by an existing team in need of players,
2) Get placed on a team created by the I.M. program if enough Free Agents are present at the meeting,
3) Sign the Free Agent List at the meeting. This list is available for all teams that may be short of players, and
4) If none of the above work, the Free Agent should attend games (with their gear and ready to play), find a team that looks as if they need players, and ask the team captain if they can join.

How much time is required to participate?

Most of our regular leagues meet twice weekly in the afternoons or evenings. Teams usually choose between a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday format. There are also leagues offered on Sunday afternoons and early evenings for those who may not be able to play during the week. Whether to practice or not is up to the individual teams.

What playing format do the leagues follow?

Leagues play a regular season "Round Robin" (5, 6, 7, or 8 games) format followed by an end of the season single elimination Championship Tournament in which league champions are awarded IM Championship t-shirts to all team members. All teams, regardless of win-lost records qualify for the playoffs with then exception of those not achieving the mandatory Conduct Rating average.

Is the program safe?

Player safety is our top priority in the IM program. Given the fact that over 2000 games are played annually in the IM program, injuries are inevitable. However, the IM program always has a fully equipped, First Aid Attendant at each contest as well as game officials and Student Activity Directors to insure that all contests are safe and enjoyable for all participants.

Need a job, want to earn some "spending money" while at school?

Become an IM Sports Official by attending one of the advertised meeting/seminars that are listed each quarter in the daily student newsletter, the "Focus". Although officiating is not for everyone, if you possess basic knowledge of the rules of some sports the IM program can use you. Officiating experience is not required but is helpful. Contact the IM Office for more details.
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