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Intramural Sports Handbook

EWU IM handbook, explains everything to do with intramural sports at EWU.policies, procedures, ewu, im sports


Intramural Sports
Policies & Procedures

(Revised 11/15/09)


Intramural Sports Office
PEA 120
(509) 359-4836


Sponsored by the ASEWU



Mission Statement

The Intramural Sports (IMS) program strives to provide a full range of regular leagues and special events designed with student interests in mind. It will emphasize ideas such as better health and physical fitness, improved inter-group and social relations, teamwork and leadership skills, good sportsmanship, promote better cultural/gender awareness, and be aware of the ever changing field off campus recreation.


Program Goals

  1. To provide a well rounded schedule of quarterly activities with EWU student interests in mind
  2. Insure that participant fun and safety are the highest priorities of IMS
  3. To encourage EWU students to participate and try new activities as a means of making their experience at EWU more rewarding and memorable
  4. To promote social and group interaction as well as cultural and gender diversity awareness through IMS programs and activities
  5. To maintain high ethical standards in all aspects of IMS programming so that EWU students learn and understand the importance of fair play
  6. Continue program growth by staying abreast of current recreational trends while trying new activities as a way of attracting even more participants
  7. Provide EWU students with the opportunity for growth outside the classroom through IMS activities


Philosophy of Intramural Recreation

An intramural sports recreation program, which offers activities for a wide range of current EWU students, faculty, and staff interests,is of vital concern to all. Persons should participate on a voluntary basis and not because they belong to a certain club, special group or live in a particular residence hall. The intramural program must provide a safe environment for all its participants by providing properly trained and certified Student First Aid Attendants for any event in which physical contact is a possibility. The IMS Program will maintain a constant search for ways to improve existing programming options by regularly surveying students, faculty, and staff as a means of better understanding their expectations of the IMS Program.

The EWU IMS program will emphasize ideas such as better health& wellness, development of teamwork and leadership skills, provide opportunities for social interaction, sportsmanship & focus on diversity and inclusion issues while understanding the competitiveness desired by student participants. The ultimate goal of IMS is to give EWU students, faculty, and staff a positive learning and growing experience, outside the classroom, that they will always remember.


IMS Organization and Administration

The EWU Intramural Sports program is operated by the Department of Student Life (DOSL) under the Division of Student Affairs and is primarily funded through the Associated Students of EWU (ASEWU) as well as corporate sponsorships whenever possible.


Position Descriptions

Director of Campus Recreation Programs
See EWU Human Resources Website for Position Description

IMS/CSF Graduate Assistants
To be selected by the Director of Campus Recreation Programs (DCRP). This selection process will follow guidelines for application and approval as set down by the EWU Graduate Program and will fulfill all requirements as stated. The IMS & CSF Graduate Assistant (GA) will be responsible for serving in the capacity of the DCRP in their absence. General duties will include, but not be limited to,supervision of all IMS Staff while on duty, assisting the DCRP in the daily operation of the program, and providing input on all administrative matters concerning the IMS program. This position must maintain a flexible schedule while filling the mandatory hourly requirement as determined by the EWU Graduate Office. 

IMS Sport Director
Will be chosen by the DCRP. Selected during each Spring Quarter, the incoming IMS Sport Director will have one school quarter to be trained by the DCRP. Responsibilities will include IMS staff supervision (under the direction of the DCRP), assist the GA and DCRP with the daily operation of the IMS Program, assist with the scheduling and training of IMS sports officials and evaluations, assume the duties of the DCRP as required by their absence, and any other duties as determined by the DCRP. Keeping league records, standings and all required paperwork will be a primary duty for this position. This position will be required to work in the afternoon, evening and on weekends as to be determined by the needs of the program.

Student Office Assistant
This position will be held by a Federal Work-study employee whenever possible. Duties will include general office procedures such as filing and answering of phones and walk in questions, computer input and word processing, assist the DCRP, GA or IMS Sport Director with IMS staff coordination as well as any other duties as assigned by the Recreation Coordinator. Student Office Assistants will be responsible for the operation of the IMS Office in the absence of the DCRP.

Student First Aid Attendant
All Student First Aid Attendants (FAA) must possess current, valid First Aid and CPR Certifications and have completed a course in Emergency Response. Completion of a course in Athletic Training Procedures is desired. FAA’s will be advised to take Hepatitis B shots, which will be provided for them through the IMS Budget. FAA’s will be responsible for checking First Aid kits to make sure they are complete and satisfactory for any and all minor injuries that might occur on the IMS fields. The FAA’s will assist EMS personnel whenever requested by EMS. Any player injured while taking part in any IMS activity will be evaluated and treated to prevent further injury.

Student Sports Official
Student Sports Officials must have general knowledge of the rules for whichever sport they are officiating. Officiating experience is not necessary but helpful. The IMS staff will hold general informational meetings where IMS policies and general sport specific rules are explained, conduct training seminars designed to give officials a basic understanding of their duties as an IMS Student Sports Official, and regularly evaluate sports officials to assist in the long term training process. All IMS Student Sports Officials must attend all of the above-mentioned meetings and seminars as required by the DCRP.


Payroll & Time Sheets

Payroll: All student employees will be paid an hourly wage that will take into consideration their experience,attitude and ability to perform the job duties as designated above. Student employees of all job descriptions will be given a one or two-step raise each year that they remain in the employ of the IMS Program.

Time Sheets: All IM time sheets are due on the 15th and last day of each month or whenever called for by the DCRP and are all completed online. Students are responsible for filing their sheets accurately as well as submitting them by the listed due date. Any student found filling out their time sheet improperly, shall be advised on the proper procedures so that future time sheets will be completed accurately. Any student employee found intentionally filling out an inaccurate time sheet, will be immediately dismissed.


Hiring and Dismissal of Student Employees

Hiring Procedures: All student employees association with the IMS program will be selected by the DCRP. Formal or informal interviews may be held prior to hiring, depending on the circumstances. All student employees must be instructed on Student Safety Orientation, time sheet and payroll procedures, IMS Policies and Procedures, as well as job duties and responsibilities. Student Employees of the EWU IMS Program must be currently enrolled students of Eastern Washington University.

Dismissal Procedures: The DCRP will be solely responsible for dismissal of IMS Student Employees whenever necessary. In most cases, depending on the severity of the reasons for dismissal, student employees will be counseled on the problem area in the hope of correcting any problem before it will lead to permanent dismissal. However, student employees may be let go at the discretion of the DCRP or his designee when deemed necessary without counseling. Poor job performance, refusal to complete job duties, showing up late,missing work without proper notification, lack of willingness to work with other IMS Staff are all reasons for immediate dismissal. Also,conduct detrimental to the IMS Program will lead to immediate dismissal.

Student Employee Grievance Procedures: Any student employee of the IMS Program should first try to resolve the problem by scheduling a meeting with the DCRP. Since all student employee positions are temporary, any student released from their dutiesmay not pursue a grievance procedure in the Career Services Office(Student Employment). All decisions made by the Recreation Coordinatoron dismissal of student employees are final.


Equipment: Inventory and Control

All IMS equipment will be assigned for use by the DCRP. Inventory will be updated and revised at the completion of each schoolquarter. At that time new purchases or replacement purchases will berecommended by the DCRP. No IMS equipment may be checked out except withthe approval of the DCRP. It is the responsibility of all IMS SportDirectors to immediately report any equipment missing, lost or stolen tothe DCRP. At the completion of assigned activities, IMS Sport Directorsshall collect and inspect all equipment before turning it back in to theIMS Office for use again. All existing inventory will be stored inlocking cabinets in the Phase II Equipment Room or in the I.M Office. New purchases shall be placed in to service with proper markings on itshowing it to be the property of EWU Intramural Sports. Any outdated,unusable or surplus property will be disposed of under established EWUpolicy.


Laundry Procedures

All items of clothing such as Official's shirts and colored teammesh jerseys must be turned in daily for laundering when used. Allitems shall be placed in the laundry bin in the IMS Office at the end ofthe days’ activities. Phase II personnel will be responsible for seeingthat the laundry is washed and dried. Any items in need of repair orreplacement are brought to the attention of the DCRP for furtherconsideration. Student Office Assistants will be responsible forreturning the clean laundry to the IMS Office for the days’ usage.


Facility Scheduling

All facilities requests for IMS activities will be made by the DCRP. Written requests must be turned in to both the Sports &Recreation Center Office for approval before any IMS activity can takeplace. If the activity is open to off-campus participants, the requestmust be made through the EWU Event Planning Office. Facility requestsshould be made as far in advance as possible so that all necessarypersons will have time for proper approval. IMS Staff members willassist the EWU Sports & Recreation Center Staff whenever needed. 


Field and Court Set-Up

Fields/Courts will be set-up only after receiving approval fromthe Sports and Recreation Center Office or the EWU Event PlanningOffice, whichever is appropriate, and must be coordinated with bothPhase II and Phase III Equipment Rooms, whichever is necessary. Fieldswill be painted weekly whenever possible with only approved field paintused. Use of any electrical equipment such as the painting machines orelectric cart will be allowed only with the approval of the DCRP. Anystudent having access to these machines will be thoroughly instructed intheir proper use as well as tested prior to unsupervised use. Allequipment must be used properly and thoroughly cleaned before returningto storage. IMS Sport Directors will be expected to assist any Sports& Recreation Center personnel for help in set-up or the breakingdown of equipment upon their request. All IM Staff members should beinstructed in the proper set-up of any IM field/court for all IMSactivities and shall be tested prior to setting them up by themselves. All facilities will be used in accordance with established Sports &Recreation Center policies.


Student Staff Handbook Section

All IMS Student Staff members are expected to read and understandall of the policies and procedures as established by the EWU IntramuralSports Program.


Player Conduct Code

It is each player’s responsibility to display a positive attitudeand demonstrate good sportsmanship while participating in any IMSactivity. Not all games or officials calls will go your way so keepyour cool and remember that officials are there to secure a faircompetition between teams/players. Any player or team guilty of poorconduct will be disciplined immediately by ejection, suspension or otheraction(s) as to be determined by the DCRP. It is not the IMS program’sdesire to eliminate competition but to promote fun and healthyexercise. It is each player’s responsibility to see that they conductthemselves in a proper manner.


IMS Language Policy

All teams should be reminded during pre-game officialsinstructions that any incident of verbal abuse or use of foul or profanelanguage, comments concerning ethnicity, racial status, cultural issues,sexual orientation, whether directed at an individual or not, will bepenalized by the game officials or IMS Staff and will affect theirteam’s Conduct Rating Score for that game. Any incident of verbal abuseor foul language directed at an official, staff member or opponent,shall result in an automatic ejection of the offending player(s).


General Eligibility Rules

It is each Team Captain’s responsibility to make sure all of the playerson his/her team meet the EWU IMS eligibility rules. Any team or playerfound in violation of any of the following rules will be declaredineligible for further IMS competition.

  1. All IMS activities are open to any currently enrolled EWUStudent and their spouse. All EWU Faculty, Staff and their spouses arealso eligible.
  2. The eligibility of any player in question shall be checkedupon the request of any IMS Team Captain to an IMS Sport Director. Itis the team captain’s responsibility to assure all players on theirteam honor these eligibility rules
  3. A person may participate in as many IMS activities as theywish, however, they may not participate on more than 1 team in anysingle league.
  4. Once a player has played on a team in a specific sport, theymay not change teams without the consent of the DCRP. Free Agents areallowed one team change but must have the Sport Director’s approval.
  5. Team Captains only may add players to a roster and they mustdo so in the presence of their league’s Sport Director. All playersmust sign the Roster/Waiver form prior to playing in any IMS contest.
  6. Teams may add eligible players at any time during the regularleague season. Once the league begins its playoffs no new players maybe added.
  7. Players must play in at least 1 league contest to qualify forleague playoffs.
  8. Any player that has participated at the collegiate level maynot play in that sport until an entire school year has passed. Thatsame player may play in any other non-related sport(s) or activityimmediately following their year of competition. JC players are notrequired to sit out a year before playing. This rule may be waived forcertain Special Events.
  9. Any player that has participated at the NCAA, NAIA orProfessional level (or the equivalent) must play in an “Open” levelleague in that sport if offered. Rule #8 still applies.
  10. “Redshirt” & “Partial-Qualifier” student athletes areconsidered “Intercollegiate Athletes” (See Rule #8). “Non-Qualifier”student athletes may participate in any and all IMS activities.


Team Captain’s Duties

  1. Know the “Eligibility Rules” of the IMS program as well as theIMS rules for their sport.
  2. Requires that all persons playing on their team sign the“Roster/Waiver Form” prior to playing.
  3. See that all team members understand the “Conduct RatingSystem” and “Player Conduct Code” and maintain proper conduct duringall IMS activities.
  4. Make sure that all team members cooperate with game officialsand IMS staff.
  5. Inform all team members of upcoming games during league playas well as during the playoffs.
  6. Notify the IMS staff of any conflicting dates or times beforeleague schedules are set.
  7. Represent their team as needed when discussing any IMS matterwith the IMS staff or before the Intramural Advisory Council 


Postponements and Rescheduling

  1. Postponements prior to the start of play and due to weatherconditions or any other factor will be determined by the GA, inconsultation with the DCRP, when these conditions occur prior toor during scheduled activities.
  2. When conditions occur during a scheduled IMS activity the IMSSport Director will confer with the IMS GA to determine if play shouldbe stopped.
  3. Only the DCRP or the IMS GA may reschedule any IMS activity. If a game canceled due to weather can be replayed, we will try to do soif the league schedule permits. Safety is the primary factor whendetermining playability of any and all IMS activities.
  4. Once the league schedule is posted, teams may not request anyspecial considerations for scheduling. Such considerations must bemade at the time team entry forms are turned in.



Protests based on an official’s judgment will not be allowed. Onlyprotests based on official’s incorrect interpretation of the rules will be heard. For a protest to be considered official, it must be madebefore play continues, and must be made by a team captain. When a legalprotest is made, the Sport Director must record the informationregarding the incident on the score-sheet and bring it to the attentionof the DCRP. All staff present at the time of the protest will beconsulted before a decision by the DCRP will be handed down.



  1. Any player ejected by an IMS Official from any IMS contest orguilty of unsportsmanlike conduct during any IMS activity will bedeclared suspended for a game, season, quarter or year by the IMS DCRP,dependent upon the circumstances and severity of the incident inquestion. Any ejected player or player on suspension must schedule ameeting with the DCRP before the suspension will be lifted.
  2. Any player ejected for a second time during any IMS contestwill be suspended for the remainder of that league or quarter,regardless of how many teams they are playing on.
  3. Any player ejected for any reason during the playoffs will beineligible for the duration of the playoffs in that particular sport.
  4. Suspended IMS participants may request a hearing from the IMSAdvisory Council (IMAC) with a written request to the DCRP. A meetingwill be called when a majority of IMAC members are present.
  5. Ejection Procedures to be followed by Student League Director:
    1. Official reports to Student Director immediately afterejecting participant. They will inform the Student Director thereason for the ejection and will not resume play until the ejectedplayer has left the area. The Student Director will make sure theejected player leaves the facility immediately.
    2. If the ejected player does not leave immediately, the SD willinform the Team Captain that unless the player leaves right away, thegame will be forfeited.
    3. If the ejected player causes any other problems after theejection, in or outside the facility, they will be placed onsuspension and Campus Police will be notified for further action.
    4. Fights: Do not attempt to getbetween players that are fighting until you can do so safely. Enlistthe aid of the teams to get the players separated. IMS SportDirector’s will fill out an EWU Incident Report for any fight.



The IMS program must operate with student officials. Everyeffort will be made to train and prepare officials for IMS competition. However, participants must remember that the burden for clean andcompetitive play rests entirely with the players. Any official who isnot qualified to officiate will be removed from the active scheduleuntil they can be given additional training if time permits. IMS SportDirectors should bring any concerns about officials to the attention ofthe DCRP before discussing the problem with any other person. Officiating is a difficult job and we ask that all Sport Directors besupportive of all officials. If you see an official make a mistake orhandle a situation improperly, please wait to discuss it with them untilsuch time as it may be discussed in confidence. Any Sport Directorshowing disrespect towards any IM Official will be reprimanded ordismissed from their position.

Officiating Guidelines:

  1. All officials should have working knowledge of the rules forthe sport in which they are officiating.
  2. Each official will be expected to conduct him/herself in aprofessional manner. Officials must maintain their cool andprofessionalism at all times.
  3. Officials must wear the appropriate uniform as designated by the IM program. Any official not doing so will be sent home and takenoff the active schedule.
  4. Profanity by any player or official will not be tolerated. Depending on the severity and the direction of the language, a warningmay or may not be given prior to ejecting any player. Sport Directorsmust completely support officials when enforcing this rule.


Accident/Injury Policy

The IMS program, EWU Sports & Recreation Center or EasternWashington University will not assume responsibility for any injuriesincurred while participating in any IMS activity beyond the coverageextended to students under the school’s policy regarding studenthealth. Student First Aid Attendants, who are required to maintaincurrent CPR and American Red Cross First Aid certifications, will beassigned, whenever available, to all activities that warrant the need. If the First Aid Attendant determines that the player is in danger offurther injury or of injuring another player, they may tell the StudentDirector that the player is no longer eligible to play.


Accident/Injury Procedures

  1. All IMS participants are held responsible for reading andunderstanding the “Acknowledgment of Risk” statement that is on allTeam Entry Forms.
  2. The Student 1st Aid Attendant must maintain the IMS First AidKits so that they are adequately prepared to meet any situation thatmay arise during IMS competition. Any supplies needed must be broughtto the attention of the DCRP for replacement or purchase.
  3. All injuries that occur during any IMS activity will behandled according to IMS procedures as follows:
    1. The 1st Aid Attendant will assess the situation to make surethat it is safe before treating the injured person.
    2. All play will stop until the injured party may be movedsafely or treated at a safe distance from any IMS activity.
    3. The First Aid Attendant will evaluate the injury and applywhatever techniques are necessary to treat the injury without furtherinjuring the person. The First Aid Attendant will inform the StudentDirector of any person whose injury, either current or previous,should prevent that person from playing so they do not further injurethemselves or any other participant. If the First Aid Attendant sodesignates, the injured player may not further participate without theFirst Aid Attendant’s permission. All IMS injuries must be reportedto the DCRP the day of the injury by filling out an EWU IncidentForm. These Incident Forms are the responsibility of the IMS StudentDirector to fill out and must be done so neatly, in pen, and withcomplete information on the incident/injury subject. The DCRP will beresponsible for sending a copies of the completed Incident/InjuryReport to the Office of Environmental Health & Safety and the EWUSports & Recreation Center Safety Committee Chair.
    4. If assistance is needed, the First Aid Attendant will enlistthe aid of any IMS Employee on site until the situation is undercontrol.
    5. If Emergency Medical Services (EMS) need to be activated, theFirst Aid Attendant will be responsible for calling 911 andassisting EMS personnel with any help needed. Note: anytime that EMS is activated a follow up Incident Report must be turnedin to the DCRP immediately.


Acknowledgment of Risk Statement

I acknowledge that my participation in the Eastern WashingtonUniversity (EWU) Intramural (IMS) and Club Sport (CS) Program isvoluntary. I am not required to participate and should not participateunless I am properly trained and medically able. I am familiar with theactivity and know that during this activity hazards may occur and mayresult in minor or serious injury, property damage and even death. Inconsideration of my right to participate in IMS and CS activities, Iassume all risks of the activity. I recognize and acknowledge that EWUdoes not provide medical and/or hospital insurance of any kind that willcover me while I am participating in any EWU IMS or CS activity. EWUstrongly recommends that I provide my own insurance coverage in case ofany injury or damage sustained or caused resulting from my participationin any EWU IMS or CS sponsored activities or travel. I hereby waive andrelease EWU, the State of Washington, it employees, officers andsuccessors from all claims and liabilities of any kind arising out of myparticipation in and travel to or from IMS and CS activities. Thisshall also serve as a release, waiver and assumption of risk for all myheirs, executor, and administrators and for all members of my family.



Eastern Washington University does not provide medical, hospital,dental, property damage, catastrophic injury or any other type ofinsurance covering IMS activities or participants. Each participant must provide their own insurance, either through an outside agency or throughthe EWU Student Health program, if they are to be insured. Personstaking part in IMS activities without proper coverage on themselves orothers they may injure or do any type of damage to, are solelyresponsible for the payment of those items. The EWU IMS programstrongly suggests that all participants maintain an insurance policythat will cover them in the event of any type occurrence mentionedabove.


Travel Procedures

  1. Any time that IMS employees or participants are traveling onschool business the following information must be collected and presentwith the travel group leader with a copy provided to the DCRP andEWU Motorpool at least one week in advance.
    1. Complete information on each person in the traveling partyincluding name, phone number and address
    2. Emergency information with a phone number of the person thatshould be contacted in the case of an emergency
    3. A complete trip itinerary including information on travelschedules, lodging location, phone and emergency phone numbers
    4. For all EWU IMS trips, the traveling party may take a cellphone and first aid kit, to be checked out from the IMS Office priorto the trip, to be used for all injuries or emergency situations.


Participant Equipment

Each participant is responsible for personal attire appropriateto his/her activity or occasion. The IMS will provide all necessaryequipment for the contest, with the exception of gloves, shoes, personalprotective pads, mouthpieces etc. It is the responsibility of all IMSSport Directors to make sure that all IMS participants have on allnecessary equipment prior to playing in any IMS activity. Any equipmentpicked up or found not belonging to the IM program should be returned tothe IM Office until claimed. It is critical that all IM equipment bechecked regularly to be sure it is in safe condition before allowing itto be used for IM activities.



All regular IM league and Special Event champions will be awardedIM Championship t-shirts. A player must have participated in at least 1playoff game to be eligible for a shirt in team sports.



  1. A team that does not appear within 5 minutes of theirscheduled game time will be considered to have forfeited the contest. Student League Directors may extend that time if they believe it willavoid a forfeit.
  2. Any team caught using an ineligible player shall forfeit anycontest in which that player participated. Further sanctions may beadministered by the DCRP
  3. Any team that forfeits a second game during league play willnot be eligible for playoff competition. 


Intramural Advisory Council (IMAC)

 The Intramural Sports Advisory Council is a committee made up ofinterested students and faculty that will assist the IMS staff and DCRPwith any issues that directly affect the IMS program and its’participants. The council’s main responsibilities include advising the DCRP on all rule and policy changes, deciding on all player or teamprotests and/or disciplinary actions, as well as suggestions forimprovements or additions to the IM program. Any current EWU Student,Faculty or Staff member wishing to join the IMAC is welcome and shouldcontact the IM DCRP for more information. The ASEWU Council positionresponsible for IMS activities will hold the Chair on the IMAC. Chairduties will include scheduling of meetings, agenda preparation,contacting IMAC members as to when and where the meetings will be held,as well as running all IMAC meetings. Term of office for the Chair will be one year and only the IMAC may remove a sitting Chair from office bymajority vote of its’ members. For a vote to take place, 50% or more ofall IMAC members must be present with a simple majority required to passa vote. Any person wishing to petition the IMAC for a ruling on anyjudgment by the DCRP may do so by presenting a written request for anIMAC Hearing to the DCRP or IMAC Chair. All such requests will beturned over to the IMAC Chair to determine whether to convene the IMACto hear the grievance. All decisions by the IMAC are final and subjectto appeal only by the EWU Office of Students Rights &Responsibilities and the ASEWU Student Council.


ASEWU Budget Procedures

The ASEWU Budget process will begin in early December as BudgetRequest Forms are distributed to each ASEWU Club/Organization. It isthe responsibility of the DCRP to prepare all budget requests andjustifications for those requests. Items such as equipment needs, anyadditional equipment needed for new program offerings, travel expenses,office supplies, printing costs, and first aid supplies are all includedin the budget request. The IMS program should keep and maintain recordsof all recently completed and current activities for help as well as toreview past budgets for added insight when preparing the currentbudget. It is advisable to request some dollars for a contingency ormiscellaneous fund so that any unforeseen needs can be met. Thecompleted copy must be returned in middle to late December (ASEWU willpost due date) for ASEWU Finance Committee approval. The ASEWU willassign a 15-minute hearing with the ASEWU Finance Committee to makejustifications for all budget requests. The final step is approval by the EWU Board of Trustees, after the ASEWU presents finalrecommendations, which should happen in February or March.



All IMS fundraising attempts must be coordinated between the DCRPand the Dept. of Student Life guidelines for ASEWU Clubs/Organizationsfundraising. The EWU Advisor for Clubs and Organizations should beconsulted when preparing for any fundraising activity so that properprocedures for collection of money are followed. All funds raised onmust be deposited in either the IMS Revenue Account or the IMS ClubFunded Account. Proper receipts must be kept for all deposits intoeither of these two accounts. Deposits will be made at the StudentFinancial Services Office in Reese Court. The PUB Accountant shalldouble check all deposits to the IMS Revenue account and the PUB OfficeStaff will check those deposits made to the IMS Club Funded account. All funds raised through fundraising will be used at the discretion ofthe DCRP with the knowledge and approval of the IMAC Club Treasurer andStudent Life Accounting.


Corporate Sponsorship of IMS Programs

All outside sponsorship funds must be pre-approved by the EWU Dean ofStudents before acceptance. Funds will not be accepted from companieswishing to promote alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or any otherservice or product that is not appropriate for a college campus.


EWU Intramural Sports Emergency Response Plan

Director of Campus Rec Programs If Campitelli unavailable For allEmergencies: 911
Mike Campitelli(D.C.R.P) Dean of Students
Work - (509) 359-7877 or 359-4836 Dr. Al Thompson EWU Police Dispatch: (509) 535-9233
Cell - (509) 990-4746 Work - (509) 359-2466 EWU Administrative Offices: (509) 359-6310
Home - (509) 235-4281 Cell - (509) 590-7747



Minor Injury/illness/player conduct problem Mike Campitelli if necessary
Inclement weather conditions Mike Campitelli if necessary
Building Alarm Issues Campus Police Dispatch

Level I situations will behandled by the I.M. Graduated Assistant/Student Coordinator. The personin charge while the incident occurred is responsible for turning in anEWU Incident Report Form the next day with a phone call to the D.C.R.P.if necessary. Person in charge will determine if any additional stepsneed to be taken.



Serious injury/illness requiring EMS support 911/Mike Campitelli/Phase IIEquip Room
Physical confrontation involving injuries or threat of violence Campus Police
Any incident containing racial/gender/cultural bias or action Campus Police

Level II situations will behandled by the I.M. Graduated Assistant/Student Coordinator. Whenactivating EMS by calling 911, immediate notification must be sent tothe Phase II Equipment room and D.C.R.P as soon as possible for furtherinstructions. The person in charge while the incident occurred isresponsible for turning in an EWU Incident Report Form the next day.



Participant death or suicide involved 911/Mike Campitelli
Riots or threat of death by word or action by anyperson
Bomb Threat, explosion of suspicious objects
Person with a weapon
Any person showing signs of becoming dangerous ordisruptive
Hazardous Materials

Level III incidents shouldbe called into 911 immediately. Tipsfor Handling Emergency Situations:

  • Remain Calm and follow instructions listed above
  • Be assertive and take control of your situation
  • Check with the EWU emergency SNOW line for furtherinstructions
  • Document any info you may need later
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