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Giving to the EWU Libraries means providing support for intellectual inquiry! 

EWU Libraries play a key role in the academic culture at Eastern Washington University, where teaching and learning have always been at the heart of the institutional mission. Just ask Gerald Claghorn, a biology student who presented his research on the Kokanee salmon in the San Poil River at the 2010 National Conference on Undergraduate Research. This conference promotes undergraduate scholarship and creative activity, and in 2010 EWU sent more student researchers to the conference than any other institution of higher education in Washington. These student research projects are the culmination of dozens of courses, hundreds of homework assignments, final exams and term papers, hours and hours of individual study and group work.

Or you could ask Dr. J. William T. Youngs, chair of the EWU History Department, what the EWU Libraries collections mean to him. According to Dr. Youngs, "I have published five books from a Kennedy Library carrel, completed nine revisions of books, and done other academic work -I've written and published about a million words [while using Kennedy Memorial Library]." Imagine the resources, time, and effort needed to produce a million words of scholarly writing-the research databases and indexes to find relevant information, the journal articles and books used as references, the hours of thought and reflection, the hard work of drafting and revising.

Underlying it all, across all the disciplines, is the body of knowledge accessed through EWU Libraries. The Collection Endowment Fund insures that, now and into the future, EWU students and faculty will have access to the body of knowledge necessary for an excellent student-centered learning environment. The EWU Libraries' Collection Endowment Fund will generate support for library collection in formats most appropriate to serve the curricular needs of the university.

The library has a core collection that allows us to meet minimum standards to support EWU's diverse programs-more than 100 fields of study in undergraduate programs, 55 graduate programs, and one applied doctorate. This core collection is supported primarily through state funding. The Collection Endowment Fund will diversify and therefore help to stabilize funding for library collections. It will take us beyond the core: to maintain journal and subscription database collections despite the inflationary costs of scholarly periodicals; to support collections for new programs and for existing programs as they evolve; and to provide the library with the budgetary flexibility to meet both one-time and recurring costs for information resources we haven't yet imagined.

EWU Libraries' mission is to stimulate and support intellectual inquiry among members of the EWU community-to provide the world of discovery at their fingertips, virtual and digital, with no limitations. Our goal to make that happen is simple: one million dollars to endow the fund. Support of the EWU Libraries provides access to resources our students and faculty need to thrive in the 21st century.

 Visit the Libraries' secure Giving page using this link.  Thank you for your interest in supporting our mission!


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