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Borrowing Materials

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Who can borrow EWU materials?

  • EWU students, faculty, and staff -- Your EWU EagleCard is your library card.  Present your EagleCard to check out library materials.
  • Community members -- Complete the application for a guest library card.  Present your guest library card and a current/valid picture ID.
  • Students, faculty, and staff affiliated with a Summit library

Forget to bring your card?  The library will, in most cases, hold the material you wish to check out behind the circulation desk for up to three days.

How long may I keep materials?

  • EWU students and community users may check out most materials for three weeks.
    Type of Material Loan Period/Renewals
    General stacks books  3 wk./2 renews 
    Curriculum Center materials  3 wk./2 renews 
    Vertical file items  3 wk./2 renews 
    U.S. government publications 3 wk./2 renews 
    CD-ROMs  3 wk./2 renews 
    CD-ROMs & comp. Disks in Per. 3 days/0 renew 
    CD-ROMs & comp. Disks in Ref.  1 day/0 renew
    Videorecordings (videocassettes, DVDs)  1 wk./0 renew  (EWU students/staff only)
    Videodiscs (laser disks) In-library use only 
    Sound recordings (LPs, CDs, cassettes)  3 wk./2 renews 
    Music scores  3 wk./2 renews 
    Media equipment (laptops, cameras) 1 day., 3 days., 7 days/0 renew
    Other Media Center  3 wk./2 renews 
    Reference materials  In-library use only 
    Periodicals (bound)  In-library use only 
    Periodicals (current)  In-library use only 
    Special Collections  In-library use only
  • EWU faculty members may check out most materials until the end of the academic quarter.
    Type of Material Loan Period/Renewals
    General stacks books  End of quarter/2 renews 
    Curriculum Center materials  End of quarter/2 renews 
    Vertical file items  End of quarter/2 renews 
    U.S. government publications  End of quarter/2 renews 
    CD-ROMs  End of quarter/2 renews 
    CD-ROMs & comp. disks in Per. 3 days/0 renew 
    CD-ROMs & comp. disks in Ref.  1 day/0 renew
    Videorecordings (videocassettes, laser disks, DVDs)  1 week/1 renew 
    Sound recordings (LPs, CDs, cassettes)  End of quarter/2 renews 
    Music scores End of quarter/2 renews 
    Media equipment (laptops, cameras) Not available to faculty
    Other Media Center  End of quarter/2 renews 
    Reference materials  In-library use only 
    Periodicals (bound)  3 days/0 renew 
    Periodicals (current)  3 days/0 renew 
    Special Collections In-library use only, except by special arrangement 

However, if another patron requests material, we will recall it after the current user has had the material for a week. Some library materials, such as periodicals and reference books, must be used in the Library.

The due date, and due time, if applicable, will be stamped or written on the date due slip of each item borrowed.  If the material is allowed to leave the library, its security sensors will be deactivated at the time of checkout.

Do EWU faculty have special circulation privileges?

To accommodate teaching and research duties, EWU faculty have some special circulation privileges. They may check out most materials until the end of the academic quarter and periodicals for 3 days. They may also request a proxy card for an assistant and will receive an inventory list of materials they have checked out at the end of each quarter.

What if I want to check out materials while I am in another part of the state?

Eastern faculty, students and staff may borrow materials from any of the member libraries of Summit <>, a consortium of over 30 academic libraries in Washington and Oregon. Please identify yourself as a visiting patron from EWU when checking out materials at one of those libraries.


How do I renew materials?

Most EWU-owned materials may be renewed twice.  Materials obtained through the Summit catalog may not be renewed.  An item with a hold on it may not be renewed.  If there are no holds you may renew most materials for two additional circulation periods. If you owe $20 or more in fines, however, you must pay all of your fines before renewing materials.

For your convenience, you may renew materials yourself within the EWU Library Search.   (you must login using the sign in link located in the upper right corner)

Or you may renew:

  • in person at the Circulation Desk
  • by phone - 359-7888
  • via email -
  • via mail - EWU Libraries, Circulation, 100 LIB, 816 F Street, Cheney WA 99004-2453

If your are renewing by phone or email, please supply your library card number (eight-digit number of the front of your Eagle Card, or the eight-digit number written on your guest library card), your name, phone number, and the titles of the materials you wish to have renewed.


Where can I return materials I have checked out?

  • The return bin at the Circulation Desk
  • The 24-hour book returns at the JFK Library's front door
  • Riverpoint Campus Library

Note:  Summit materials may be returned to any Summit library. 

Materials that should not be placed in a book return:

  • Media equipment, including laptop computers:  Media equipment should be returned directly to the Lower Level Service Desk.
  • Reserve materials:  Reserve material should be hand delivered to a staff member at the desk where it was checked out.
  • Items that are damaged or in frail condition: Damaged or frail materials should be handed directly to a library staff member at the JFK or Riverpoint Campus Library circulation desks.

Borrowers are responsible for their checked-out materials until officially checked in at the circulation desk.  Never leave your checked-out materials on tables, etc., in the library, in the expectation that they will be found and checked in for you.

What if I don't return materials when they are due?

For each item which is overdue, you will owe:

  • $.50 per day per item for days 1-20
  • After 20 days, fines + $12 service fee + cost of material.
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