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Census and Population Data for Transportation Planning - Module 6 of a series of 8 webinar workshops

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March 27, 2014 10 am PST





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This class consists of eight workshops, for a total of 13 hours on census and related data bases, and how data can be downloaded and applied to tribal transportation planning. Each workshop is generally 1.5 hours presented in a lecture or video/webinar format. Webinars will be recorded and access will be provided to students for reference. The class material is presented so students can go to on-line data access sites on their own computers and learn how to find, download, and create reports to apply data to tribal transportation and planning issues. Students will complete a "report" on the data for a tribe they select that includes its meaning for transportation planning. At the end of each workshop there is an evaluation of the workshop, a short quiz, and a reflective essay on the value of this material to be completed by each participant.

Module 6 - Census and NAHASDA DATA for Transportation Need. Sources of population data for NTT and Transit Transportation Planning. 2.0 hrs.
Sources of data and data analysis requirements for transportation planning for Transportation Programs
Sources of data and data analysis requirements for transit planning
Identify, download, analysis and creation of tables, graphs, and a written report on population data for transportation and transit planning.
Outcomes: Students will complete and submit a written report on their selected reservation on these data sets.

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