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Big Buckle Buck Off

Enter today to win the Big Buckle Buck Off!

As part of the EWU Libraries' Annual Fundraiser, Oktoberfest, the EWU Libraries is hosting a bull riding contest (mechanical of course) where you can win half of the entry pot!

There are three ways to participate in this challenge.

1. You can enter and ride the bull yourself. If you win, the prize is yours!

2. You can enter and have someone ride the bull for you. If you win, the pot is yours!

3. You can pay the entry fee and anonymously nominate someone to ride the bull. If your nominee declines to ride, your entry is canceled and your money is refunded. If your nominee rides and wins, you split the pot with the rider you nominated.

All "nominations" must be submitted to the EWU Libraries Administration Office no later than October 15, 2014. Call 359.2264.


Download Entry Form Here



Rides will be judged on the following criteria: Big Buckle Buck Off Logo
  • Most courageous
  • Best style (dress, flair, and attitude)
  • Technique

Everyone is welcome to ride the bull for $20 but will not be included in the Big Buckle Buck off contest. They will, however, receive a nice photo to commemorate the occasion.

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