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Mike Campitelli
201 URC
Cheney, WA 99004
phone: (509) 359-4836
fax: (509) 359-4735

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, often called "The Gentle Art", is a self-defense system and sport that is popular world wide. Similar to wrestling, a majority of BJJ skills take place on the ground. With a focus on leverage and technique, BJJ is useful and practical for all body types.

Club Officers Email Contact Information
President: Erin Locke
Vice President: Venicious De Oliveira Sardi
Tresurer: Kyle Darland
Secratery: Muya Hamadi
Club Sports Coordinator: Chris Hoppe    (509) 359-4013


Questions Answers
Does this club actively compete in any leagues? If so, which leagues? We do not compete as a club in any leagues, however many of our club members compete individually in regional tournaments. 
Does this club charge dues? If so, how much? Our club dues are minimal to help make it easy to welcome new members. 
How often does this club practice? Check out our calendar to see the most up-to-date practice schedules.
What equipment or experience do i need to have to participate? You need no experience to get involved. Many of our club members had no experience when they started. Our instructor provides training for beginners up to advanced members
Where does the club practice? We practice in the wrestling room on the west end of Reese Pavillion. 
Who is the best person to contact about learning more information? Erin Locke is the best person to contact to learn how to get more involved.

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The Department of Campus Recreation strongly recommends that all Club Sport members have adequate accident/medical insurance coverage. Each Club Sport member is responsible for arranging his or her own coverage.

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