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Men's Hockey Club (BCIHL)

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide the opportunity to practice, develop, and play hockey in an intercollegiate setting while enjoying a high level of competition; with goals of obtaining national recognition. It is our goal to select and enter a team or teams at the highest levels of competition. It’s our goal to select and support a Men’s team in the British Columbia Intercollegiate Hockey League (BCIHL) and a Division II Women’s team in the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA).

Club Officers Email Contact Information
President: John Vant
Vice President: Chase Wharton
Tresurer: Colin Perley
Secratery: Paxton Bell
Club Sports Coordinator: Chris Hoppe    (509) 359-4013


Questions Answers
Does this club actively compete in any leagues? If so, which leagues? We compete internationally within the British Columbia Intergollegiate Hockey League (BCIHL). The games are fast paced and very exciting. 
Does this club charge dues? If so, how much? Club dues are $1000 per quarter for fall and winter quarter for rostered players. 
How often does this club practice? Check our calendar for the most up-to-date practice and game schedule.
What equipment or experience do i need to have to participate? We hold tryouts at the start of fall quarter to establish our competition roster. However, we are always in need of additional members who can help grow the team and sport of hockey. 
Where does the club practice? We practice at the URC at Eastern Washington University.
Who is the best person to contact about learning more information? Bill Shaw is the best person to contact about joining the club. His email is

Club Media


       Facebook           ewuvarsityhockey                   Pictures             @ewueagleshockey            EagleSync

                                                                                 Club Website


The Department of Campus Recreation strongly recommends that all Club Sport members have adequate accident/medical insurance coverage. Each Club Sport member is responsible for arranging his or her own coverage.

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