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Free Agent Information

What is a Free Agent?

A Free Agent is an individual who does not have enough players to start their own intramural team and wishes to join an established team.

Free Agent Quarterly Meeting

Each quarter, the I.M. program holds an informational meeting during the second week of school to begin the process of creating teams. A very brief meeting, this is the opportunity for any person not currently on a team but wishing to get hooked up. If you cannot make this meeting but wish to play, come into the I.M.Office as soon as possible after this meeting to find out how you can get on a team.

Free Agent Draft

All FREE AGENTS should attend the quarterly Free Agent Draft, generally held a few days after the quarterly Free Agent Meeting, where Free Agents will separate by sport and create teams. It is at this draft where team names, days/nights on which the team will play, and league level (Open=Highest;White=Moderate; Red=Recreational), will all be decided on by the team members. Players of all skill levels are welcome. Free Agents attending the draft are given priority placement onto Free Agent teams. If you cannot attend the draft, please stop by the Phase I.M. Office in PEA 120 any time after the draft to find out what Free Agent teams still have space available for additional players.

How do "Free Agents" get on a team?

  1. Attend the quarterly FREE AGENTS QUARTERLY MEETING as well as the FREE AGENT DRAFT. If you cannot attend one or both, stop in the I.M. Office as soon as possible after the meeting(s) to find out how you can be placed on a team.
  2. As a “Free Agent”, captains of existing teams in need of additional players, may show up at the Free Agent Draft or contact you directly to ask you to join their team. It’s up to you whether you join their team or stay on the Free Agent team.
  3. Attend games on the days/nights you wish to play, have your gear ready, and ask any team(s) that look like they need players if you can join.

What if I don’t like the Free Agent team that I am assigned to?

If you join a free agent team and there is another team you would rather play on and your departure does not impact your original teams’ ability to field a team, you may ask your Sport Director to switch teams. While we do not encourage this changing of teams, we realize that another team may be a better fit for you. There is no penalty for making this switch so it is important that you inform the Sport Director of your desired move before playing for a new team.

When is it too late to join a team?

Players may join a team at any time during the league season. Once the playoffs begin, rosters are permanent and may not be added to.

What does it cost to be a Free Agent?

There is no fee for joining a Free Agent team. If you join or get picked up by another team, then it is up to that team’s captain as to how much you will pay.

  • For more information, please stop by the Intramural office in the Student Rec. Center (PHASE), or call 359-4836
  • For this information in printable format, click here
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