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3 x 3 Basketball Rules

3 x 3 Basketball Rules


  1. Games will be 20 points or 15 minutes, whichever comes first. If the game is tied when time expires,

the next team to score shall be the winner. Teams will flip for possession to start the overtime period.

  1. Clock stops only for time-outs (teams get one TO per game), injuries, and at the official’s discretion
  2. Substitutions are made during dead ball situations only.
  3. Shots behind the arc = 2 pts; all other baskets & free throws = 1 pt
  4. “Jump Ball” situations shall go to the alternate possession rule.
  5. After each basket, free throw or foul, the ball must be checked in from above the arc, top of the key.
  6. Once checked in, the possession must begin with a pass. All change of possession situations during live

ball action, may be cleared anywhere outside the arc with both feet and the ball simultaneously.

  1. Referees may call “3 in the key” if a player remains in the key for an extended time.
  2. No dunking or rim hanging. The result will be a technical foul and no points allowed.
  3. All fouls result in one free throw (2 if a shooting foul outside the arc) and change of ball possession. No “And 1’s” are allowed. Technical fouls will result in 1 free throw + ball possession.
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