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NIRSA National Basketball Championships Rules

Rules for the 2013-14 NIRSA Regional Basketball Tournament held at Eastern Washington, rules, NIRSA, NCCS, EWU, Eastern Washington University

National Federation of State High School Association Rules will be used with the following modifications/restrictions. The tournament rules committee will address any policies or procedures not specifically addressed in this document.


On all game schedules there is a game time. Please report to the scorer’s table on each court area 15 minutes prior to game time. Please be advised that this is to speed up the sign-in procedure and should allow your team extra warm-up time prior to the game.

A team winning a game by forfeit will receive a score of 2-0 when determining advancement from pool play.

All players must present a valid picture ID at each game to the game staff (examples include a driver's license or student ID)

Only players and up to two coaches will be allowed to sit on the bench during games. Spectators are expected to view the game from the designated spectator viewing area.


It is prohibited for a player to wear equipment which would be considered dangerous to one’s self or to another player. Examples of this type of equipment include, but are not limited to:

Hard casts. 

Jewelry. Note: Medical alert bracelets, medical alert necklaces, and religious medallions are not considered jewelry, but must be secured to the body with tape. In all cases, the officials may deem any article illegal equipment if they feel it poses a hazard to either the player or his/her opponents.

Hard or unyielding items to control hair.

Any headwear with the exception of headband.

Timing Regulations

The game shall consist of two 20-minute halves.

The clock will run continuously until the last two minutes of each half when it will stop for all fouls, violations, and time-outs. [Exception: if a team is ahead by 15 or more points anytime during the last two minutes of the second half, the clock will continue to run without stopping until the point differential is below 15 pts.]. 

Half-time will be five minutes in length.

Each team is permitted three time-outs per game, each one minute in length.


If the score is tied at the end of the second half, play shall continue without a change of baskets for one or more extra periods with a one-minute intermission before each extra period. As many such periods as needed shall be played to break the tie.

The length of each extra period will be three minutes. The clock will run continuously until the last minute of each extra period when it will stop for all whistles.

Each team is allowed one time-out, one minute in length for each overtime period.

Time-outs not used during regulation play cannot be used during the overtime period(s).

Personal & team fouls do carry over to the overtime period(s).

Fouls & Penalties

Any player charged with a fifth foul or any flagrant foul shall be disqualified from the game.

A bonus free throw shall be awarded for each common foul (except a player control foul or team control foul) committed by a player of a team beginning with that team’s 7th foul in a half, provided the first attempt is successful. A player control foul is counted as a team foul for reaching the bonus.

Two free throws shall be awarded for each common foul (except a player control foul and team control foul) committed by a player of a team beginning with that team’s 10th foul in a half. A player control foul is counted as a team foul for reaching the bonus.

Two free throws will be attempted for intentional fouls, technical fouls and flagrant fouls. The offended team gets possession of the ball after the free throws have been attempted.

Dunking is illegal during pre-game, and/or the halftime warm-up period and/or the post-game period. Grasping the rim is also illegal [except to prevent injury] and is penalized in the same manner as dunking. The player that dunks or grasps the rim will be charged with a technical foul. The opposing team will be awarded two free throws and possession of the ball. 

Free Throws

During a free throw, all players will move up one marked lane space, leaving the two spaces closest to the end line vacant. The defense must occupy both lane spaces above the block.


Good sportsmanship is vital to every contest.  The team coach / captain is responsible for the actions of all team members and for any spectators directly related to the team BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the game.  Note: A technical foul can be issued before and after the game for unsportsmanlike behavior. Any player/team that is disqualified from a game for unsportsmanlike behavior must meet with the Tournament Championship Committee prior to being reinstated to play.  

Players and teams who accrue a number of unsportsmanlike conduct fouls will be disqualified from games and suspended from further participation in tournament games as follows:

One player receives 2 unsportsmanlike fouls or a flagrant foul during a game. Penalty: Disqualification from that game, suspension from the team’s next game played, and probation for the remainder of the tournament.

Fighting – Each player involved will receive 2 unsportsmanlike fouls for the game. Penalty: Disqualification from that game, suspension from the team’s next 2 games played, and probation for remainder of the tournament.

Player may be suspended for the remainder of the tournament

One player receives 3 unsportsmanlike fouls/flagrant fouls during the tournament. Penalty: The player is disqualified from that game and suspended from the remainder of the tournament.

One team receives 4 unsportsmanlike conduct/flagrant fouls during the game. Penalty: The team forfeits the game and is on probation for the remainder of tournament.

One team receives 5 unsportsmanlike conduct/flagrant fouls during the tournament. Penalty: The team is dropped from the tournament.

Unsportsmanlike fouls assessed against spectators will be “charged” to the team captain. 


Four players are needed to start each game. NFHS rules apply regarding the number of players needed to finish the game.

Player eligibility: If a player is deemed ineligible at any time during the tournament, his/her team will forfeit all games in which that the ineligible player participated. In addition, the ineligible player is suspended for the remainder of the tournament.

Tournament Format Procedure

Pool play, each team will play in a pool of 4 teams. 

In the case of a 3 team pool, each team will play all teams in their pool

All 3 teams will advance

Each team will receive 2 pool play games.

At the end of pool play the top 3 teams in each pool will advance in to the single elimination championship bracket. 

Teams will be seated in each pool by the tournament staff from 1 to 4. 

First round of pool play games

Number 1 seed will play the number 4 seed

Number 2 seed will play the number 3 seed

Second round of pool play games

Winners of the first round match ups will play

Losers of the first round match up will play


One team having a record of 2-0 and will be the number 1 seed from that pool  

Then there will be two 1-1 teams

The team that won the first game will be considered the number 2 seed

The team that lost the first but won the second will be considered the number 3 seed. 

There will be one team that is 0-2 and that team is eliminated from the tournament.


In the case of a misapplication or misinterpretation of a rule by the game official, teams will have the ability to call a time out and protest the decision.  

If a team wishes to protest because they believe a correctable error has occurred they will need to do the following:

Upon gaining possession or during any dead ball period, the team will call a time out, alert the game officials that they wish to protest and will state specifically what “correctable error” they think has been made.  This must occur no later than during the first dead ball after the clock has been properly started following the error.

If the error is indeed correctable, the error will be fixed and the team will not be charged with a timeout. If the error is not correctable, the team will be charged with and may use a timeout. 

Note: if no timeouts remain, the protesting team will be charged with a technical foul.
All decisions made by the rules committee will be final. 

Protests concerning player eligibility must be made to tournament administration immediately upon discovering there may be an eligibility issue.  The Tournament Championship Committee will rule on this type of protest.  Teams may not protest the fact that a player was ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct. Teams may not protest a judgment call of an official.

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