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Personal Training Fee Structure

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How to Get Started

1.  Find a Personal Trainer:

  • Stop by the URC Fitness Center, or check online, to read personal trainer bios to match a trainer to your fitness needs.
  • E-mail your selected trainer at to schedule your first appointment.

2.  Pay for Training Sessions

  • Choose individual or small group (2-4) training sessions.
  • All sessiosn can be purchased at URC Information Desk with a trainer card which confirms your sessions.
  • Choose how many sessiosn to purchase. (See Personal Training Fee Structure below)

3.  Meet with your Personal Trainer

  • During the first training session, an initial consult will be done to complete training paperwork and determine fitness goals.  An optional fitness assessment can also be done at this time.

Personal Training Fee Structure

Individual Training Sessions (1 Client only): 

1 Training session $26
5 Training Sessions $130
10 Training Sessions $240
15 Training Sessions $360
20 Training Sessions $440


Small Group Training Sessions (2-4 Clients only): 

1 Training Session $39
5 Training Sessions $195
10 Training Sessions $330
15 Training Sessions $495
20 Training Sessions $600


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