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Policies and Procedues

In order to provide our participants with a safe and beneficial exercise experience, the URC Fitness Center has developed the following policies and procedures.  Fitness Center staff will strictly enforce these policies and procedures - and a participant's failure to follow these policies may result in expulsion from the facility.  If you have any questions regarding these policies, please call the program director (Jake Rehm) at 359-4017.


  • All EWU students must have their valid Eagle card with them when entering the Fitness Center.  Eagle Card must be approved at the main entrance of fitness center for entry (quarterly student URC fees must be paid for approval).  
  • All EWU Faculty/ Staff and Community Participants must have their valid URC/ SRC Card with them when entering the Fitness Center.  The URC/ SRC card must be approved at the main entrance of fitness center for entry (URC/ SRC membership fees must be paid for approval and card must have valid expiration date; see below). 
  • All members must swipe card at the turnstile for membership verification.
  • The Fitness Center will authorize access up to two (2) times per quarter for those who have forgotten thier membership card. After that, NO ACCESS will be granted without cards. Fast Fitness students cannot log in without their Eagle card, so if you forget your card, don't expect to be able to log visits!



  • All EWU faculty/ staff & community participants MUST purchase a URC/ SRC membership to use the Fitness Center.  URC/ SRC memberships can be purchased at the URC Skate Desk.  The URC/ SRC Card can be obtained at the Customer Service Desk for Alumni and Community Members (Card must be obtained for entry into the URC Fitness Center).  Any spouse or family participant of a EWU student or staff/ faculty member must also obtain an URC/ SRC Card before they can use the Fitness Center.  Membership rates vary depending on membership status. 



  • Visitors may purchase a day pass at URC Customer Service desk.  The visitor must bring this day pass to the Fitness Center when they are ready to work out. Guests will receive a facility orientation with a fitness center employee prior to using the facility.
  • Day passes are only valid on the date of purchase.


AGE REQUIREMENTS (non - EWU students)

  • All non-EWU students must be at least 18 years of age to use the Fitness Center with no parental/ legal guardian restrictions.  
  • Children ages 12 - 17 may use the Fitness Center, accompanied and supervised by their parent or legal guardian at all times, provided the child is included in a family URC/ SRC membership.  Parent or legal guardian will sign URC Fitness Center paperwork. 
  • Children under 12 years of age may NOT use the Fitness Center.  The child will not be allowed in the Fitness Center, gym, or indoor track. 
  • Age requirements are also enforced for purchased URC Day Passes. 
  • Child care services are not available and children may not be left in the lobby unattended.



  • Any personal items (coats, jackets, backpacks, extra clothing, etc) are NOT allowed in the Fitness Center (or in the gym).  Quarterly rental and day use lockers are available for participant use.  The Fitness Center is NOT responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Bicycles are not allowed in the Fitness Center.  Bike racks are available for storage at main entrance.


  • All participants must wear proper workout attire.  Proper workout attire includes clothing that is comfortable to exercise in and is respectable to other participants (i.e. the chest and midriff must be covered at all times, shorts must be of acceptable length, and vulgar and/or offensive screenings on attire will not be tolerated).
  • All participants must wear proper athletic shoes that cover the entire foot.  Bare feet, sock-only, sandals, open-toe shoes, cleats, crocs, dress shoes, and hiking boots are prohibited.
  • Denim attire and/or dress clothing is not allowed - the rivets, zippers, and belts may damage equipment upholstery.
  • It is recommended that jewelry be removed prior to exercise - for safety reasons.
  • Fitness Center Staff have a responsibility to enforce the dress requirement policy to all participants- if a staff member determines a participant's attire is inappropriate, the participant will be asked to leave the facility.



  • No food or drink is allowed in the fitness center (this includes sports drinks and bars) - water is allowed if stored in a plastic container with a lid or cap.
  • The use of tobacco products in any form is not allowed in any EWU facility.
  • It is recommended to discard gum in wastebasket prior to exercise - for safety reasons. DO NOT STICK GUM UNDER EQUIPMENT. 
  • Spitting or defacing the facility will not be tolerated.
  • Cell phone usage is NOT allowed on the exercise floor.
  • Audio electronic devices (ipods, mp3 players, etc) and visual electronic devices are allowed provided participant is using them in a safe manner, is aware of their surroundings, and is exercising at a sufficient intensity during use of these devices.
  • The use of personal fitness equipment (participant owned fitness equipment) is prohibited in the facility (weight belts may be used; users assume responsibility of these belts). 
  • Third-party personal training is NOT allowed in the Fitness Center (training by non-fitness center staff).
  • Vulgar language and/ or actions will not be tolerated; individuals will be expelled from facility.
  • Basketballs and volleyballs are available for check out at front desk area (Eagle card will be exchanged for item).  DO NOT bounce these items on the exercise floor.
  • Taking of photos or propaganda distribution is NOT allowed without prior approval from Fitness Center Director.



  • All new participants will attend an Orientation prior to working out.
  • Ask a fitness instructor for assistance if you do not know how to use any equipment.
  • Workout at your own fitness level.
  • Workouts for credit students (PHED 150/152) must consist of a warm-up, core program, and cool down; if the student is not working out, a fitness instructor may take the visit away from the student.
  • Use free weights only in designated areas.
  • Please use a spotter for all over head lifts, squats, and any other lifts that you may need assistance with.
  • Collars on weight bars are mandatory at all times.
  • Re-rack weights and return all equipment to its proper place.
  • Do not remove weights, benches, or other equipment from their proper place.
  • Do not drop weights for any reason on non-platform surfaces.
  • When doing sets allow others to alternate with you.
  • Wipe down all equipment when you are finished using it (cleaning stations available on pillars).   
  • Report malfunctioning or damaged equipment to fitness center staff.
  • Misuse of equipment may result in immediate expulsion from the facility.
  • Please be safety conscious. 

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