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URC Ice Arena

Public Skate Sessions

  • Open skate is a session designed for recreational ice skating only. Skill levels vary. 
  • A URC Rink Attendant will be on ice AT ALL TIMES. 
  • ALL Skaters must follow and obey the posted URC Ice Arena Rules & Regulations. 
  • No Spectators are allowed inside rink area. They can sit in either the lobby or arena seating areas.


Stick & Puck/ Drop-in Hockey

  • Stick & Puck is a session designed for players of all levels to work on basic hockey skills, ie; passing, shooting, puck handling, etc. 
  • Everyone is expected to share the ice equally.
  • No scrimmages are allowed during the first hour of this session. 
  • After the first hour, participants on the ice may choose to scrimmage against each other.
  • Drop-in Hockey then requires FULL HOCKEY GEAR (Helmet, gloves, hockey pants, chest protector, elbow and leg pads), NO EXCEPTIONS.  
  • Helmets are available for check out at the Skate Desk in exchange for a valid Eagle Card, Community Membership card, or Driver's License. 
  • NO SPECTATORS ARE ALLOWED INSIDE THE RINK AREA. They can sit in either the lobby or arena seating areas. 
  • Goalies skate for free (if they are able to present full goalie gear to the URC Front Desk Staff).


Figure Skating Session

  • This rentable session (Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5pm - 6:45pm) is for figure skating clubs to provide their own coaching/instruction on the ice.  Ice Rental Application Form
  • If a club has scheduled any part of the session, it will be noted on our Arena Calendar. 
  • If no club has scheduled during this time, it remains a Drop-in Figure Skating session with NO COACHING OR INSTRUCTION OF ANY KIND.
  • NO SPECTATORS ARE ALLOWED INSIDE THE RINK AREA. They can sit in either the lobby or arena seating areas.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Coaching, training & instruction

  • No outside person or organization may coach any form of ice skating or hockey skills unless available ice time has been requested and scheduled.  Ice Rental Application Form
  • WAC 172-137-050 Authorized and prohibited uses.
    (2) Private or commercial activities. (a) University facilities may not be used for private or commercial gain, including: Commercial advertising; solicitation and merchandising of any food, goods, wares, service, or merchandise of any nature whatsoever; or any other form of sales or promotional activity; except as allowed under chapter 172-139 WAC or in the following cases: (i) By special permission granted by the university president, or designee, if an agreement, lease, or other formal arrangement is entered into between the university and the person, corporation, or other entity desiring to engage in commercial activity; or (ii) To the extent it represents the regular advertising, promotional, or sponsorship activities carried on, by, or in any university media, The Easterner, or at university events; (b) University facilities may not be used by faculty or staff in connection with compensated outside service, except that faculty or staff may use university facilities that are generally available to the public on Adopted by the EWU Board of Trustees, Jan 27, 2012. Effective: Mar 1, 2012 the same basis, including payment of the same fees, as may other private citizens. (c) Commercial advertising and/or solicitation which is deceptive or concerns an illegal product or service is prohibited on university facilities.

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