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Tuition & Fees

Summer Term Tuition

  • Undergraduate Tuition per Credit: $245.73
  • Graduate Tuition per Credit: $344.50

Number of Credits

Undergraduate Cost

Graduate Cost

1 $245.73 $344.50
2 $491.46 $689.00
3 $737.19 $1,033.50
4 $982.92 $1,378.00
5 $1,228.65 $1,722.50
6 $1,474.38 $2067.00
7 $1,720.11 $2,411.50
8 $1,965.84 $2,756.00
9 $2,211.57 $3,100.50
10 $2,457.30 $3,445.00
11 $2,703.03 $3,789.50
12 $2,948.76 $4,134.00
13 $3,194.49 $4,478.50
14 $3,440.22 $4,823.00
15 $3,685.95 $5,167.50
16 $3,931.68 $5,512.00

**For more information about Summer tuition, please go to the Student Financial Services Website.  


Financial Aid for Summer Session

See how to apply your financial aid and lower the costs of Summer Session. Visit the Financial Aid website for more information.

Online Courses

Eastern Online offers courses in two ways, State-support and Self-support for Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters.  During Summer quarter, Eastern Online offers all sections of every course as Self-support only. Eastern Online Self-support tuition is charged per credit and is at the current in-state per credit rate.

Undergraduate Online Courses Graduate Online Courses Undergraduate Program Courses Graduate Program Courses

$245.73 per credit

+ Distance Fee

$344.50 per credit

+Distance Fee

$278 per credit

+ Distance Fee

$382 per credit

+ Distance Fee


Registration obligates a student to payment of all tuition, course and University fees. Course pre-requisites must be satisfied prior to enrollment. Undergraduates who enroll in more than 18 total credits during a quarter must obtain overload permission from their department chair.

Tuition and Fees Highlights

  • Tuition payment is due by the sixth class day to avoid a late fee.
  • The cost of textbooks and supplemental instructional materials is not included in the course tuition.
  • All online courses come with a Distance Fee of $25 per credit fee, and other University fees may apply
  • Some programs may have separate per-credit rates.
  • For questions regarding payment and fees, contact Student Financial Services.

Refunds and Withdrawals for Online Courses

Please see the EWU Refund Policy page for more information on tuition refunds. The Eastern Online refund and withdrawal policies comply with the refund and withdrawal policies outlined in the EWU Refund Policy.

All debts owed to EWU must be paid before any refund will be issued. All Federal Title IV financial aid recipients will be refunded at the rates established by the federal government.

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