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Cheney, WA 99004
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Campus Safety

EWU is ranked as one of the safest public university campuses in Washington.

It helps that we're located in Cheney, a friendly town just outside Spokane. In fact, local families love to visit campus for picnics, child-care and even for trick-or-treating. That said, the biggest contributor to campus safety is the shared commitment of faculty, staff and students. Together we create a safe place to live and learn.

Campus Police

We have our own police force on campus, and the campus police officers are a friendly team that works closely with the local police and fire departments. Be sure to say "Hi" if you see them on your campus tour or at a special event. They're one of the most visible police forces in the country, and even though they're always focused on campus safety, they love to talk to students.

More Safety Information

Each year, Eastern Washington University publishes its Annual Campus Safety Report. This report includes crime statistics. It also outlines EWU's security policies and procedures in the event of a campus emergency. You can view and print this report by visiting the Campus Safety website.

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