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Official Financial Statements Requirement

You need to provide proof of financial ability to pay for studies and living expenses while at Eastern Washington University. These are called Certificate of Eligibility (I-20/DS-2019) Requirements. These requirements are higher than Eastern's official tuition and housing rates.

For the 2013-2014 academic year, international students attending EWU must prove financial ability to meet the following requirements.

Certificate of Eligibility (I-20/DS-2019) Requirements for 2013-2014

Main Campus
Main Campus
West-side Campus
Tuition and Fees US $21,534 US $26,085 US $13,314
Insurance US $1,095 US$1,095 US $1,095
Total Educational Costs US $22,629 US $27,180 US $14,409
Room and Board US $9,135 US $10,047 US $10,047
Transportation US $1,500 US $1,500 US $2,000
Personal Expenses US $2,100 US $2,100 US $2,100
Total Living Costs US $12,735 US $13,647 US $14,147
Total Cost of Attendance US $35,364  US $40,827 US $28,556
Additional Expenses per Dependent 30% of Living Expenses

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304 Sutton Hall
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Requirements for Official Financial Statements

  • Statements must provide evidence of your ability to cover Certificate of Eligibility (I-20/DS-2019) Requirements for the first academic year.
  • Statements must be less than six months old.
  • Statements must be in English or sent with an official certified translation.
  • Statements must show either a savings account or bank draft account.
  • If a sponsor is supporting your studies in the United States, your sponsor must submit financial statements.
  • Statements must clearly show the name of the student or the student's parent, guardian or sponsor.
  • All bank statements must be signed and stamped by the bank or issuing authority.
  • All financial statements must be originals. No copies, scans or faxes are acceptable.
  • All government-issued financial guarantee or sponsor letters must be addressed to EWU.

Documents you should not send as proof of financial ability

  • Tax forms
  • Statements from investment funds (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.)
  • Letters from employers
  • Your credit card limit
  • Photocopied versions of official documents
  • Digital versions of official documents
  • Faxes

These documents will not be accepted as official.

Sponsorship and Financial Statements

If you are being sponsored by someone other than a parent, your sponsor must submit a signed letter that clearly indicates you are being sponsored. Your sponsor must also submit official financial documents.

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