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  • Jay J. Manning
    Jay J. Manning

    Jay J. Manning rejoined Cascadia Law Group in 2011 after more than six years as director of the Washington Department of Ecology and Governor Gregoire's chief of staff.  His practice focuses on environmental and energy matters, providing consulting, legislative, and legal assistance. As chief of staff from 2009 to July of 2011, Jay worked closely with the governor and her cabinet and senior staff to address budgetary and public policy challenges facing state government.  As director at ecology from 2005 to 2009, Jay focused on managing the state's water resources, including creation of the Office of Columbia River, guiding the effort to bring the Puget Sound back to good health by 2020, including the creation of the Puget Sound Partnership and addressing climate change and the daunting threat it poses to Washington's economy and environment. 

    Jay co-chaired the Washington State Blue Ribbon Panel on Ocean Acidification in 2012, which led to an executive order directing the state's implementation of the panel's recommendations for a coordinated, regional response.  Jay is board chair for Washington Environmental Council, vice chair of the Puget Sound Partnership's Leadership Council, a member of the Board of the Ruckelshaus Center, a member of the University of Washington's College of the Environment Board and-most importantly-a proud Eastern Washington University alum. 

    Jay has three grown children and two lovely and brilliant grandchildren.  He enjoys riding his bicycle, traveling, reading, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

    Original Appointment: November 25, 2015
    Term Expires: September 30, 2021
    Hometown: Olympia, WA
    Profession: Law

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