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Diversity and Inclusion

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Shari Clarke, PhD, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion

The Office for Diversity and Inclusion, headed by Vice President Shari Clarke, PhD, promotes an inclusive and welcoming community fully embracing diverse individuals, thoughts, and ideas. We strive to become a microcosm of society reflecting diversity within the student, faculty, and staff populations.

EWU’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion is committed to the inclusion and celebration of all people and cultures, and we value each individual’s intrinsic worth. In its commitment to diversity and inclusion, EWU exemplifies the guiding principles of Campus, Culture, Community, and Connection in our services, programs, resources, and civic engagements.

Our office invites you to view our Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Goals.

218 Showalter Hall | 509.359.4705 | 

The Division of Diversity and Inclusion is comprised of the following:

Diversity Leadership Ambassadors

The Diversity Leadership Ambassadors are a group of Eastern Washington University students who represent a variety of diverse cultures. These students serve as the “official student voices” for the Diversity and Inclusion office. The Diversity Ambassadors promote multiculturalism, diversity, inclusion and positive goodwill throughout campus and in the community through their actions, interactions, programs and presence.  For questions or to schedule our Ambassadors for presentations or events, please contact Elizabeth Phillips at or (509) 359-3108.

Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action serves as a resource to faculty, staff, and students on a wide variety of equal opportunity, affirmative action, and diversity related issues. We strive to ensure that the campus climate is free from discrimination, harassment of all kinds, and sexual misconduct for all of EWU’s community. We are dedicated to try to resolve and mediate discrimination concerns, if possible, and to investigate and resolve formal complaints, if filed.

For a list of protected characteristics against discrimination by federal and state laws, as well as university policies, for faculty, staff, and students, visit our webpage.

If you have any questions, or would like resources regarding Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, or policies regarding discrimination and/or harassment, you can contact our office at:

218 Showalter Hall |

The Multicultural Center

EWU’s Multicultural Center strives to help students understand multiculturalism, social justice, and the importance of inclusion through our 5 main values: Advocacy, Community, Education, Engagement, and Inclusion.

Our mission is to engage in broadening and diversifying thoughts, knowledge, and perspectives of faculty, staff, and students through educational workshops and discussions that ultimately create a unified community, inclusive of all cultures, and that advocates for the resolution of multicultural issues directly impacting EWU’s students.

By embracing and sharing cultures, the Multicultural Center cultivates new learning experiences that promote core concepts with high importance in beliefs such as unity, diversity, inclusivity, and integrity.

Suggestions? We want to hear your feedback! What does the Multicultural Center mean to you?

Take a sneak peek at the new Multicultural Center scheduled to open Fall, 2018 in the Pence Union Building!  New Multicultural Center

300 Showalter Hall |  509.359.4004 |

The Pride Center

The Pride Center provides support and advocacy, empowers student voices, connects community members to on-campus and local resources, creates and facilitates inspiring programs and events, and delivers educational trainings and workshops to members of the EWU community.

Guided by a deep understanding of the need for intersectional social justice frameworks, the Pride Center is committed to strong alliances and partnerships with diverse cultural, ethnic, political, spiritual, and arts communities at EWU and beyond.

The Pride Center is a student-funded unit that strives to be an inclusive and affirming community space for people of all sexual, romantic, and gender identities, particularly those who identify as LGBTQ+.

On a daily basis, we function as a welcoming and affirming space for all students, regardless of how you identify, and we host the weekly meetings of Eagle Pride, EWU’s LGBTQ+ student organization, on Thursdays at 4 p.m.

105 Showalter Hall | 509.359.7870 |

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