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Student Affairs

Message from the Vice President

Stacey Morgan Foster, J.D. - Vice President for Student Affairs


Who We Are, What We Do, and Why

Student Affairs professionals are proud to play an integral role in the student educational experience beginning prior to enrollment and extending beyond graduation.  The EWU Student Affairs team is comprised of over 20 departments, with approximately 110 career level staff and over 150 part-time student staff.

Departments within Student Affairs include those delivering student development programs, support services, and enrollment services.  Through a variety of interactions, staff members address the whole student experience from the mundane to the life-changing and ensure that the needs of students receive advocacy and visibility on campus.   Functional areas include advocacy/mentoring, co-curricular activities, community engagement, crisis response/risk management, enrollment, and support services.

We believe that attention from caring staff can make a difference in a student's experience. The vision of Student Affairs is to engage students along their transformational journey to develop self-confidence, a sense of purpose, resiliency, critical thinking, and active citizenship.  These characteristics enable students to be not only successful college learners, but successful people who are valuable assets in their communities.

We look forward to helping all our students develop as informed, responsible and empowered learners.

Stacey Morgan-Foster, JD
Stacey Morgan-Foster, JD

Vice President for Student Affairs


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