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Student Affairs Mission, Vision and Values Statement


We, in the Division of Student Affairs, support Eastern Washington University's mission by promoting and contributing to a university centered on student learning and success.

To accomplish this, we will:

  • Lead the campus in delivering purposeful programs and services that address the holistic development of the student;
  • Identify and respond to students' needs with personalized student services;
  • Create and maintain a healthy and safe environment that supports and sustains recruitment, retention, and student success;
  • Cultivate positive relationships among students, faculty, staff, and the broader community;
  • Link academic and co-curricular learning experiences;
  • Establish high standards that promote civic responsibility and mutual accountability;
  • Foster an inclusive and diverse community where civility and respect for each individual are valued and expected.


Engage students along their transformational journey to develop self confidence, a sense of purpose, resiliency, critical thinking, and active citizenship.


Because students are the most important part of what we do, as student affairs professionals we value:

Inclusivity and

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