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Agreement Aids Transfers

Published: December 15, 2015

CHENEY, Washington - Eastern Washington University and Columbia Basin College (CBC) in Pasco have signed an innovative agreement designed to provide CBC students with a clear transfer pathway to attend EWU and earn a four-year degree.

The program, Destination Eastern, enables students to begin a bachelor program upon initiating their post¬secondary education at CBC. EWU and CBC will combine resources to provide coordinated bachelor's degree offerings to students who are enrolled in transferable degree programs at the community college. This transfer agreement is for students who want to transfer to EWU to complete the baccalaureate degree.

"This exciting partnership provides course alignment between the associate degree at CBC and the four-year degree at EWU," says EWU President Mary Cullinan. "If the plans of study are followed, students who transfer to EWU are better positioned to graduate on time. This agreement leverages the high quality experience received at CBC and maximizes institutional resources for student success at EWU."

EWU and CBC believe a well-coordinated transfer process improves student transfer success. And streamlining the transfer process, while minimizing the loss of credits and duplication of coursework, will only benefit students transferring from the community college to Eastern.

"As the least expensive public university in the state, Eastern Washington University is the most affordable residential destination for CBC students who wish to complete a high-quality bachelor's degree. EWU is also well known for its student-centered approach to undergraduate education, which pays particular attention to the success needs of first-generation, minority and under-served populations," says CBC President Rich Cummins. "EWU is a great university that is accessible, friendly and caring. We have so many success stories of CBC-EWU alumni to share with anyone interested, and our advisors are ready to help mid-Columbians begin their travels on the degree map that begins and ends with Destination Eastern."

Destination Eastern also calls for CBC to seek improved access for associate degree graduates to a baccalaureate education, and for EWU to improve its presence as the transfer destination for CBC graduates. EWU personnel are expanding their presence at the CBC Transfer Center holding office hours to promote and explain the program.

For more information regarding this program, contact Lane Schumacher, associate dean for Student Retention at CBC or Cathy Sleeth, director of Admissions at EWU at or 509.359.6582.


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