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EWU Happiness Week

Published: April 11, 2013

CHENEY, Wash. - Can you measure happiness? John de Graaf, co-founder and senior partner of The Happiness Initiative, plus EWU Professor Barbara Brock and the EWU Happiness Committee think so! The Pursuit of Happiness Week is upon us and staff, faculty, students and the greater Cheney community is urged to get on board to not only explore what really makes us happy but to also generate data to assist in policy change. EWU President Rodolfo Arévalo has signed the official Campus Happiness Initiative proclamation and the entire Cheney School District has embraced the concept so now it's time to spread the news. The committee also hopes that faculty will find a meaningful way to integrate the ten domains of happiness into lectures and require the 15 minute online Happiness Survey as an extra credit project for students.

April 13-20 will be a week of fun and educational events welcome to all. The easiest way to find out what's happening is to "like" the EWU Happiness site on facebook and watch for the launch of the EWU Happycounts Scavenger Hunt. You will also find the Happy Travels Cart manned by EWU recreation students at various sites on campus throughout the week - providing free advice, games, trivia, buttons, stickers, bookmarks, scavenger hunt hints and occasional drawings for cool books and items related to happiness. Just look for the GIANT yellow Happy Counts balloons! Each day has a theme such stress awareness, cultural vitality, social vitality, compassion and connectedness, Activities range from mini-lectures by experts on happiness and compassion to 25 non-profits showcasing meaningful work to dance club performances to hands on stress relief activities.

The goal of the weeklong event is to promote the Happiness Survey, which is the first comprehensive survey in the region to measure the level of happiness within the Cheney and EWU communities. The focus is to separately look at the identified 10 domains of happiness: psychological well-being; physical health; time balance; work experience, education; cultural vitality and access; social connection; good government; environmental quality and access to nature; and material well-being. Each day we will be having an activity which emphases on at least one of the contributors of happiness and giving every person the opportunity to learn hands-on strategies to change each component for better happiness.

"We're thrilled to take the lead in this exciting project and have all kinds of events planned for this week," adds Brock, EWU happiness director and professor in recreation management. "This is the first project in the U.S. using objective and subjective indicators of well-being to provide a truly powerful look at how well we are doing in all areas of life. We hope the project and events of the week lead to positive action for greater happiness, social justice, and both economic and environmental health."

Come join us for the Pursuit of Happiness Week at EWU by attending our many events and if you see the Happy Travels Cart boasting huge Happy Counts balloons around campus, come say hi!

For a complete list of events and to take the Happiness Survey check out the EWU Happiness Initiative site, If not on Facebook, simply log into the website, clicking on the survey blue button, and when it asks for referral code simply enter either ewustudent2013, ewufaculty2013, ewustaff2013 OR ewucommunity2013. After taking the 15-minute survey, you will receive an immediate evaluation of personal well-being for each of the 10 domains of happiness identified by international researchers.

Get your friends and family on board, and discover more about what makes you happy! For more information contact Barb Brock at 359.6040 or


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