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A Request for Quote and Qualifications (“RFQQ”) was issued by EWU for the purpose of requesting proposals from qualified and experienced firms to provide benchmarking analysis and assessment of the university’s Division I athletics program(s). The consultant’s report, along with other information, may be used to inform the Board of Trustees and university leadership regarding the NCAA division status, financial structure, and organizational structure of Intercollegiate Athletics.

EWU’s evaluation committee for EWU’s RFQQ 20-DV9 – Athletic Consulting Services – has completed their review of the proposals and identified The PICTOR Group as the successful vendor.

The PICTOR Group provided their written report and presentation of options for consideration to the Board of Trustees on Friday, February 26.

Interim President David May provided his written report and presentation with recommendation to the Board of Trustees on Friday, May 21.

The Board of Trustees will make their final decision on a pathway forward in June. Click the ‘Provide Feedback’ button below to go to the Board of Trustees webpage which has an open comment form for the public to provide feedback to the Board until noon on May 28.

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President's Recommendations

Interim President David May presented to the Board of Trustees on Friday, May 21. This is his final report and recommendations presented.

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Final Report from The PICTOR Group

The PICTOR Group presented to the Board of Trustees on Friday, February 26. This is their final report and options presented.

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Survey Results

INTERNALInvitesResponsesResponse RateResults
Faculty - Full Time44530067.4%Details
Faculty - Quarterly403297.2%Details
Students - Athletes31910432.6%Details
Students - Grad & PB216527012.5%Details
Students - Undergraduates8697127314.6%Details
Staff - Athletics605388.3%Details

EXTERNALInvitesResponsesResponse RateResults
Athletic Advisory Board12758%Details
Cheney Merchant’s Association47919.1%Details
EWU Alumni Board17847%Details
EWU Foundation Board221463.6%Details
EWU Young Professionals Network8562.5%Details
President’s Regional Advisory Council311135.5%Details
Season Ticket Holders80726432.7%Details
Top 100 Donors1005757%Details
West Plains Chamber Members21994.1%Details

Note: Those that fell in more than one survey group were only sent the survey once to avoid duplicate entries. (i.e. Athletic staff were removed from the general staff survey)

Project Scope

The consultant will be responsible for conducting a thorough review and feasibility assessment of EWU’s athletics program. The review and assessment will examine the following components of EWU’s athletics program:

  • Current revenue and sponsorship streams
  • Current university enrollment trends and the impact on athletics, as well as the effect of athletics on enrollment
  • Operational budget analysis
  • Salary analysis
  • Staffing analysis
  • Facilities bench marking, analysis, and recommendations
  • Athletic financial aid assessment
  • Academic support and performance
  • The number of sports currently offered by EWU and recommendations for the appropriate number of sports offered by EWU
  • Conference membership assessment and recommendations for EWU on appropriate conference membership
  • Pro forma analysis for recommended future athletic models
    NCAA Divisional assessment and recommendations on the appropriate division for EWU
  • Additional items as identified by the university and agreed to by the consultant

4-Phase Approach

Includes: developing project timeline and expectations; reviewing relevant EWU and athletic program documents; and development of survey/interview questions.

Includes: conducting interviews and surveys with the Board of Trustees, executive leadership, and a wide range of EWU personnel and external constituents. This phase could include a campus visit by the consultant, if permitted due to COVID restrictions.

Includes: developing a bench mark athletics program with selected peer institutions, conferences, and NCAA divisions; comparative analysis of EWU Division I status, Division II, Division III; development of SWOT analysis; develop options with specific recommendations; draft and submit preliminary report to Chief Project Officer.

The final phase will include a review of the drafted final report with the Chief Project Officer and executive leadership. Once review is complete, the consultant will present the final report to the Board of Trustees.

The consultant will utilize the following four (4)-Phase approach to accomplish the work.



  • May 1: Request for Qualifications and Quotations “RFQQ”
  • June 3: Proposal deadline to university
  • August 12: Awarded vendor RFP to The PICTOR Group (TPG)
  • August 24: Project beginning
  • Sept 30-Oct 1: Campus visit with Cary Groth, CEO of TPG
  • October 9: Progress update/briefing to the Board of Trustees (BOT)
  • December 11: Progress update/briefing to the BOT


  • January: Preliminary report to President
  • February 26: The PICTOR Group – Final report presented to the BOT
    • Recommendation(s) to the BOT on long-term sustainability of Athletics for the institution.
  • May: President will provide his recommendations to the BOT
  • June: The Board of Trustees will make a final decision on the pathway forward.


Sara Sexton-Johnson

Chief Project Officer
All communications should go through the Chief Project Officer. Please do not contact The PICTOR Group directly.

Dave Meany

MEDIA INQUIRIES: Dir - Comm & Media Relations
All media inquiries should be sent to Dave. Please do not contact The PICTOR Group directly.