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Pathways is an exclusive opportunity for students who wish to attend Eastern Washington University and demonstrate that with additional support they can successfully complete an undergraduate program. The Pathways program is based in research and practice and was created to offer higher levels of academic support and social integration. The program provides Pathways students every opportunity for success.  

You must be invited to join Pathways based on your EWU application. From the pool of applicants, we look for students who show promise and are motivated to take part in a program that is structured for their success.    

Pathways provides to its students: Peer mentorship: You will meet twice weekly with a student mentor who is currently successful at EWU and is committed to assisting you all three quarters of your freshman year. Staying on track first year can be challenging for all students, but your peer mentor will help guide you with good college strategies and assist you in adapting to the university culture.   

Pathways Orientation: You will move in a day BEFORE other students!  You will then spend the week before school starts participating in group activities, getting to know your mentor, and immersing yourself in Welcome Week. It's your time to bond with your cohort and schedule your meetings with your peer mentor.   

Pathways Cohort*: An on-campus residence experience that creates a sense of family within the group and fosters Eagle Pride. Students live in the same residence hall and share workshops and other activities as a group.  Click here for the link to Residence Life.   *You may request an exception based on your individual circumstances.

A single cohort advisor:  Your program coordinator is also your academic advisor. This allows intensive discussion and planning to place you in the correct courses and be a resource for throughout your freshman year.

 Students who choose to accept admission to EWU via Pathways will be required to meet the specific program obligations listed in their admissions letter. Full admission is conditional upon acceptance of the program obligations. You will be contacted if you qualify. Space is limited.

Please contact the program coordinator if you have any questions.


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