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Past Mentors

All of this wouldn't be possible with out mentors. They lead the way and the set example for our McNair scholars, playing an integral role in the future of each student.

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Dr. Jonathan Anderson, Psychology—faculty page

Dr. Robert Bartlet, Sociology & Justice Studies—faculty page

Dr. Georgia Bazemore, History—faculty page

Dr. Kerryn Bell, Sociology & Justice Studies—faculty page

Dr. Prakash Bhuta, Biology—faculty page

Dr. Ross Black, Environmental Science—faculty page

Dr. Rebecca Brown, Biology—faculty page

Dr. Norma Cardenas, Chicano Education—faculty page

Dr. Andrea Castillo, Biology—faculty page

Dr. Sean Chabo, Sociology & Justice Studies —faculty page

Dr. Charalambos Cleanthous, Psychology—faculty page

Dr. Matthew Chase, Physical Educ, Health & Recreation—faculty page

Dr. Patricia Chantrill, Communication Studies—faculty page

Dr. Michael Conlin, History—faculty page

Dr. Kelley Cullen, Economics—faculty page

Dr. David Daberkow, Biology—faculty page

Dr. David Eagle, Finance—faculty page

Dr. Amani El-Alayli, Professor, Psychology—faculty page

Dr. Scott Finnie, Africana Education Program—faculty page

Dr. Anthony Flinn, English—faculty page

Dr. Jerry Galm, Anthropology—faculty page

Dr. José García Sánchez, Modern Languages & Literatures—faculty page

Dr. Ron Gentle, Mathematics—faculty page

Dr. Raphael Guillory, Psychology—faculty page

Dr. Thomas Hawley, Political Science—faculty page

Dr. Todd Hechtman, Sociology & Justice Studies—faculty page

Dr. Charles Herr, Biology—faculty page

Dr. Gail Hicks, Psychology

Dr. Yao Houndonougbo, Chemistry & Biochemistry—faculty page

Dr. Brian Houser, Physics—faculty page

Dr. Kayleen Islam-Zwart, Psychology—faculty page

Dr. Nick Jackson, Psychology—faculty page

Dr. Sidney Kasuga, Biology

Dr. Sara Keller, Anthropology—faculty page

Dr. Garrett Kenney, English—faculty page

Dr. Russell Kolts, Psychology—faculty page

Dr. Gary Krug, Communication Studies—faculty page

Dr. Pui-Yan Lam, Sociology & Justice Studies—faculty page

Dr. Dale Lindekugel, Sociology & Justice Studies—faculty page

Dr. Paul Lindholdt, English—faculty page

Dr. Joseph Lenti, History—faculty page

Dr. Frank Lynch, Mathematics-faculty page

Dr. Terrance MacMullan, Philosophy—faculty page

Dr. Krisztian Magori, Biology—faculty page

Dr. Jamie Manson, Chemistry—faculty page

Dr. Luisa Matos, Biology—faculty page

Dr. Theresa Martin, Psychology—faculty page

Dr. Tracey McHenry, English—faculty page

Dr. Martin Meraz-Garcia, Chicano Education—faculty page

Dr. Jonathan Middleton, Theory and Composition—faculty page

Dr. Gayle Millsaps, Mathematics—faculty page

Dr. Dorie Munson, Psychology—faculty page

Dr. Carmen Nezat, Geology—faculty page

Dr. Miguel Novella, Spanish—faculty page

Dr. Margaret O'Connell, Biology—faculty page

Dr. Robin O'Quinn, Biology—faculty page

Dr. Gina Petrie, Modern Languages & Literatures—faculty page

Dr. Jeffrey Rahn, Chemistry & Biochemistry—faculty page

Dr. LaVona Reeves, English—faculty page

Dr. Susan Ruby, Psychology—faculty page

Dr. Ryan Sain, Psychology

Dr. Robert Sauders, Anthropology—faculty page

Dr. Suzanne Schwab, Biology—faculty page

Dr. Majid Sharifi, Political Science—faculty page

Dr. Vickie Shields, Communication Studies—faculty page

Dr. Julia Smith, Anthropology—faculty page

Dr. Jeffrey Stafford, Communication Studies—faculty page

Dr. Fred Strange, Anthropology—faculty page

Dr. Yun Tian, Computer Science—faculty page

Dr. Deanna Trella, Children's Studies—faculty page

Dr. Chris Valeo, English—faculty page

Dr. Stacy Warren, Geography—faculty page

Dr. Philip Watkins, Psychology—faculty page

Dr. Philip Weller, English—faculty page

Dr. William (Bill) Williams, Psychology—faculty page

Dr. Jessica Willis, Women's & Gender Studies—faculty page

Dr. Sally Winkle, Women's & Gender Studies—faculty page

Dr. Sue Marie Wright, Sociology & Justice Studies—faculty page

Dr. William Youngs, History—faculty page

Dr. Dorothy Zeisler-Vralsted, Professor, Political Science—faculty page

Dr. Michael Zukosky, Professor, Anthropology—faculty page

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