2023-2024 Estimated Cost of Attendance

The total budget varies based on enrollment status (full-time, three-quarter time, half-time), the number of terms of enrollment, living arrangements, degree standing (undergraduate or graduate), and state residency. If you are in a special program such as Dental Hygiene, Physical Therapy, off-campus Social Work, etc., your amounts will be different.

Cost Components*ResidentNon-Resident**ResidentNon-Resident
Tuition (estimated)*$7,287$25,518$13,041$28,827
Average Course Fees$ -- $ -- $ --$ --
Technology Fee$120$120$120$120
Health and Wellness Fee$414$414$414$414
Transportation Fee$75$75$75$75
Student Recreation Center Fee$195$195$195$195
PUB Renovation Fee$255$255$255$255
Books and Supplies$798$798$798$798
Total Educational Costs$9,144$27,375$14,898$30,684
Food and Housing***$14,880$14,880$17,868$17,868
Transportation****$1,935$1,935$1,935 $1,935
Personal Expenses****$1,800 $1,800$1,800 $1,800
Direct Loan Fees$132$132$219$219
Total Living Costs$18,747$18,747$21,822$21,822
Total Cost of Attendance$27,891$46,122$36,720$52,506
The cost of attendance amounts are "base" rates. The actual costs may vary according to enrollment status, living arrangements, academic program, and tuition.

*Tuition and fee amounts are estimated. Final rates are approved in the summer by the EWU Board of Trustees.
**Undergraduate students from the western states/territories (AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NV, NM, ND, OR, SD, UT, and WY, CNMI, and Guam) may receive WUE to discount their non-resident tuition rate.
***Food and Housing rates are based on an average on campus, double room with an upgraded meal plan. Actual costs will vary based on housing/food individual choices. Living costs for students who are with parents are lower.
****Transportation and Personal Expense averages are based on an annual survey conducted by the Washington Financial Aid Association (WFAA).