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Cost of Attendance

Eastern Washington University establishes standard cost of attendance budgets that reflect the educational costs for EWU students during a nine month academic year. These budgets are intended to provide an adequate, but modest lifestyle. The budgets include the following components:

  • Tuition
  • Fees
  • Books
  • Room and Board
  • Transportation
  • Personal Expenses

The total budget varies based on enrollment status (full time, three-quarter time, half-time), number of terms of enrollment, living arrangements, degree standing (undergraduate or graduate), and state residency. If you are in a special program such as Dental Hygiene, Physical Therapy, off-campus Social Work, etc., your amounts will be different.

Living-Related Expenses for Spouse and Dependents

Living-related expenses for a spouse and dependents are not included in the cost of attendance budget. Living expenses for a spouse and/or dependents are considered as part of the FAFSA process, and those expenses are reflected in your expected family contribution (EFC).

Child Care Expenses

Child care costs for dependent children may be considered in some cases. Please contact the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office for more details.

Cost of Attendance Adjustments

Budgets may be adjusted for unusual expenses (e.g. high expense programs such as Physical Therapy and Dental Hygiene, dependent child care, etc.). Costs for study abroad may also be considered if the program has been approved for credit at EWU. Documentation must be provided for all budget adjustments.

Tuition and Fee Rates

For current tuition rates, fees, and refund schedules, visit Student Financial Services.

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