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Terms and Conditions of Award

Your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions on your myEWU Portal/EagleNet account certifies that you have read, understood, and agree to the following conditions:

  • I have read and agree to the Award Information and Instructions.
  • I agree to report all non-Eastern funds awarded to me. These additional resources may reduce my existing aid or result in a repayment of aid already received.
  • This award is for expenses defined on the Cost of Attendance page. If I withdraw or drop below the required number of credits, I may have to repay some, or all, of the aid awarded to me.
  • I agree to repay my loans on time. I will complete an entrance loan counseling session prior to receiving my first Federal Perkins and/or Federal Direct Loan and an exit conference prior to graduation, withdrawal, or termination of studies at Eastern. I will keep my lender(s) informed of my address.
  • I understand that my aid is dependent upon federal and state allocations to Eastern. Insufficient allocations may result in reduced aid or a change in the type of aid offered to me.
  • I agree to report changes in my name, address, social security number, or Washington residency to the EWU Financial Aid and Scholarship Office.
  • My aid may be cancelled for failure to make Satisfactory Academic Progress as defined on this web site.
  • I give permission to EWU to credit my account for all debts owed to the University.
  • My aid will be available at the beginning of each quarter provided I meet all of the conditions listed on the Disbursement of Financial Aid page.
  • My financial aid may be used for up to one academic year in an approved study abroad program.
  • I may receive aid only from one institution from which I am receiving a degree. I will notify Eastern if I am working on a concurrent degree at another school.
  • I will notify the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office if I owe a repayment on a grant or am in default on a loan at any institution. I must repay any aid received during a time in which I owe a grant repayment or am in default on a loan.
  • I acknowledge my responsibility to check my Eagles e-mail regularly for updates. Notice of revisions to this award will be e-mailed to my "Official Student E-mail Address" (EWU Eagles e-mail) which can be viewed on EagleNet under the Personal Information tab.  If you are a new student or applicant to Eastern and do not yet have an Eastern student e-mail, you will continue to receive paper notifications.  If you have questions regarding the Eastern Student E-mail Policy, go to Student Email or contact the Tech-Eze Help Desk at 509.359.4357. 


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