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Online and Independent Study Courses

EWU Online Courses

EWU offers online courses through the EWU Extended Campus Office.  Online courses are split into two sections: state support and self support.  Admitted, degree seeking, tuition-paying students on the Cheney or Riverpoint campuses may take the state support sections without paying additional tuition, although there is a $25 per credit delivery fee.  Students taking courses from an off-campus location are classified as "self-support" and pay a per credit rate for online courses.  Please see the Special Program Tuition Rate page for additional information.

Financial aid may be available for online coursework for students pursuing a bachelors or professional degree, provided enrollment occurs prior to the 10th class day of each quarter. Special regulations apply to financial aid recipients taking online courses:

  • Students enrolled in a combination of online courses and regular EWU courses are eligible for aid on the same basis as students taking regular EWU courses.  Such students will receive a standard EWU budget covering tuition, fees, books, supplies, room, board, miscellaneous, and transportation costs. Budgets will not be increased to account for the increased online course costs.

  • Students utilizing online courses to qualify for financial aid must complete and submit all assignments and exams by the end of the quarter in which aid is received. If grade posting is delayed for any reason, it may result in a delay in future aid.

  • Students who withdraw from all regular EWU courses and enroll solely in online courses after the 10th day of the term will be treated as a complete withdrawal and fall under the Return of Title IV Regulations and EWU's Refund Policies (see the Return of Title IV Funds policy). Students in this situation may owe money back for aid disbursed. Additionally, aid not yet disbursed may be reduced or cancelled.

  • Students who do not complete their online course(s) within the quarter they receive aid and do not complete any regular EWU courses, will be subject to Return of Title IV Regulations (see the Return of Title IV Funds policy). The return of aid will be based on the last date an online assignment was turned in or the mid-point of the quarter, whichever is later. In the event no assignments were submitted for students enrolled solely in online courses, all aid will be returned to the appropriate programs and the student will owe EWU for any funds disbursed plus tuition expenses.

Independent Study Courses

Independent study courses are different than online courses. You may take independent study courses by registering through your academic department. These credits show as regularly enrolled classes in our system; no additional action is necessary. However, these courses must be complete by the end of the quarter for you to meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements.

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