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Summer Financial Aid

Financial aid availability for Summer 2017 is based on your remaining annual eligibility from the 2016 - 2017 school year. This is limited to loan funding only for most students.  However, if you are eligible for Pell Grant and did not use your full nine month allotment during the immediately prior academic year, you may use your remaining Pell Grant for the summer term(s).   Students who are eligible for the College Bound Scholarship (CBS) may also obtain aid for the summer under that program.  However, any CBS funding used during the summer counts against the 12 quarter maximum on the program.  Information on other aid sources is available within the Summer Financial Aid Policies document.

Application Deadline and Forms

You must have a complete 2016-2017 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file before June 30, 2017 and submit an EWU Request for Summer 2017 Financial Aid Form to our office by July 7, 2017 to be considered for summer financial aid funding.  The EWU Request for Summer 2017 Financial Aid Form will be available from our office beginning April 17, 2017 (first day of summer pre-registration), and requires consultation with a financial aid advisor prior to submittal.  Other summer forms and policies are available at the bottom of this page.  The final tuition payment deadline is July 21, 2017.

Application Requirements

You must be registered for summer courses and consult with our office prior to requesting summer aid. Your summer award will not be adjusted for course changes that occur after submission of your EWU Request for Summer 2017 Financial Aid form.

Award Notification

You will be notified in May and June regarding your summer award.

Enrollment Requirements

You must be enrolled at least half-time (5 credits graduate or 6 credits for all others) to receive summer aid (except for Pell Grant).  This applies to both quarter and semester students.

Online Courses

If you receive summer aid for self-paced online courses, they must be completed two weeks prior to the end of the term in which you received aid for them. This requirement overrides the 12 month completion rule for those courses.

Aid Disbursement

Summer aid will disburse beginning May 8, 2017 for the summer semester students and beginning June 26, 2017 or July 24, 2017 for summer quarter students. For aid to disburse on June 26th, you must be registered in at least six credits as an undergraduate or five credits as a graduate/doctoral for the eight-week summer session or the first four-week mini-session. Aid is first applied to your university charges. Remaining funds are deposited to your bank account or sent to your mailing address.

Summer Withdrawal

If you withdraw from all courses prior to the start dates of those courses, you must return all financial aid funds to EWU. If you withdraw after the start of summer quarter, you may be required to repay all or a portion of any funds received and future financial aid will be suspended.

Summer Intersession Courses

Please consult with our office if you will be taking courses that begin prior to the start of the summer session or after the end of summer session. We may or may not be able to fund those courses.

Additional Summer Aid Details

Summer Tuition and Fees

Summer Cost of Attendance

Summer Parent Loan Request Form

Summer Financial Aid Policies

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