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Application Tips & Tidbits

7 Important Scholarship Application Tips!

  1. Meet ALL application deadlines!  Use a calendar, make a schedule and stick to it.  If you miss a deadline, even by just one day, your application may not be considered.
  2. Gather Application Materials.  Give yourself plenty of time to complete each application step.  Applications completed in a rush look sloppy and incomplete applications may not be accepted.
  3. Don't Ignore Small Awards.  Small scholarship awards can add up to a big amount!  Plus, the larger the award, the more competition you will face.
  4. Request Letters of Recommendation Early.  Some applications require letters of recommendation.  Think carefully about who should write these letters and choose people who can speak to your strengths and ability to overcome your weaknesses (letters from family members are generally a no-no).  Give your recommenders no less than two weeks' notice so they have time to write a thoughtful letter.  Be prepared to provide them with additional information about yourself or the scholarship.
  5. Write a GREAT Essay.  Think carefully about the question being asked and use this opportunity to tell the selection committee things about you not shown elsewhere in the application.  Get help with editing for grammar and spelling, but do your own writing--the committee wants to hear from you personally.  Current EWU students can work with the EWU Writers' Center on scholarship essays and other projects.
  6. Sing Your Own Praises.  Applications will often ask you to tell what you do with your time.  As uncomfortable as it may feel, this is the time when it's necessary to brag! Tell about recognition and awards you've received.  Emphasize activities showing your talent and passions, especially where your ability to lead, take initiative, persist through adversity and care for your community is demonstrated.  Don't underestimate yourself--employment and family responsibilities can say a lot in your favor as well.
  7. Try, Try Again.  Keep trying even if you don't win a scholarship right away.  Save copies of every application you complete so you don't have to start from scratch each time.

Find Private Scholarships! 

Ask about scholarship opportunities any place where you have a connection such as clubs, societies, fraternal organizations, your place of worships, your/your parents employers and businesses big and small.  Also, be sure you review and seach the options on the Scholarship Information Websites page.

 Managing Your Private Scholarships!

  • What happens? All private scholarships received by the student must be reported to EWU's Financial Aid & Scholarship Office.  Following state and Federal rules, it may be necessary to adjust your current financial aid award to account for receipt of these funds.  If an adjustment is required, we will reduce student loans and/or work study first to ensure you retain the best financial aid package possible.
  • When & Where are funds sent? Ask your donor to send your private scholarship funds at least one month prior to school (or the term) starting.  This will ensure the funds will be available to you on the first day of classes.  Private scholarship checks may be mailed to: EWU Financial Aid & Scholarship Office, 102 Sutton Hall, Cheney, WA, 99004.  Be sure your donor indicates your name and EWU ID number or date of birth on the check.
  • How do I get the funds?  Your private scholarship awards, just like your other financial aid sources, will be evenly split over the school year giving you one third of the funds each term.  If you meet all eligibility requirements, your funds are applied to your student account the week before classes start, and any funds left after your EWU bills are paid will be released to you (by direct deposit or mailed out check) on the first day of classes.
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