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Promoting professional growth and career success for graduates of the last decade.

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The EWU Young Professionals Network (YPN) is an Eastern Washington University alumni community promoting professional growth and career success.

Building your network, applying for a job, or making the next step forward in your career?  Our EWU alumni family is more than 100,000 strong worldwide.  Just like your own family, we are ready to celebrate and support you, as well as keep you connected to each other and your alma mater.

We provide professional development opportunities for an ambitious and diverse group of EWU graduates of the last decade by planning and hosting professional development events.  We also provide opportunities, tools, and forums to help them network, connect with community leaders, and flourish in their careers, all while actively participating in their community.


  • Events and programming are purposeful, providing opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  • Meets professional, educational, social, and philanthropic needs while ensuring quality and excellence for business success.
  • Promotes work life balance through social and civic activities that are fun, innovative, and memorable.
  • Provides members with access to business leaders and decision makers.
  • Draws from a group of alumni and community members with extensive and diverse experiences and backgrounds.
  • Provides mentoring, leadership, and networking that will help develop, engage, and empower a young professional to grow and thrive in the business marketplace.
  • Develops leaders and role models in the workplace and their communities.
  • Encourages continued relationships and participation with EWU, fostering active involvement, and helping to develop future volunteers and leaders.

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