YPN Board Member Highlight


Holly Johnson`17

DEGREE: BA in International Affairs
CURRENT POSITION: Account Manager at Orca Pacific

  1. Why did you want to join the YPN Board?  I wanted to give back to my alma mater after everything it gave to me. Networking is a vital part to a young professional’s career, and it is important that students and young alumni understand this. After graduation I was not prepared for the networking that the job market demanded so I felt like I was playing catch up. The YPN Board gives me an outlet to help prepare others by educating about the workforce so they do not feel the way I did after commencement.
  2. How did you land in your current position? I was able to self-service a career path into Human Resources. After I finished traveling for my sorority, I fell in love with fast paced and competitive field of technology. I loved everything about my position, but my favorite part was working with my coworkers and helping others, so I wanted to transition to HR. I talked with the leadership within my company and when the opening came, they were able to train and transition me into a HR role.
  3. What is the best piece of career advice you ever received?  Follow the path of least resistance.  This advice influences me to pursue my expertise and the career I enjoy. Recruiting and training has always come easy to me. Therefore, following the path of least resistance it would land me into human resources.
  4. What is your favorite local hangout?  The Mason Jar is my favorite Cheney hangout for food, drinks, or an impromptu photo shoot.  The Garland Neighborhood is my favorite Spokane hangout for the old school vibes and the perfect milkshake.