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Education Department
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Master of Education

Master's Degree Graduation Cap

Welcome, Educators!

Start Something BIG with EWU's Education Department Master's Degree!

Take advantage of another state approved tuition reduction for 2017-18!

Start your M.Ed. any quarter!  

Evening courses at the EWU Spokane and Cheney campuses!     Summer courses, too!

No GRE or any other entrance exam required!

We offer some hybrid courses; however, we do NOT offer strictly online courses.

 Contact Robin Showalter, EWU Education Department Graduate Programs 

Call 509-359-6492 Monday through Friday or email


If you are a teacher, it is important for you to know that our programs are designed for working teachers and classes are conveniently available on the EWU Spokane and Cheney campuses in the evening.    We invite you to check out our areas of emphasis and talk to us about your future!

If you are not currently a certified teacher, we have areas of emphases designed for you, too!

Our Master of Education degrees are 48-49 credits.  Our Master of Education has a 25 credit common core of courses and your area of emphasis will be the remaining credits.  You will work closely with your advisor in course selection.

 What are my choices?

For Fall 2017

Principal Graduate Certificate - for teachers with at least three years experience and who already have their Master's Degree and now want to obtain their Principal's Certificate.

Educational Leadership Emphasis/Principal Cert - For teachers who desire to prepare for the role of a school leader and do NOT have their Master's Degree.   Our candidates are well-grounded in the principles of best practices and current research in educational leadership and management, preparing them to meet the diverse needs of a variety of learing environments.  The degree program meets Washington state requirements for a school principal certificate.     

Interested in obtaining your Principal credentials?  Contact:

Dr. Lance Potter

313 B Williamson Hall

Cheney, WA   99004

(509) 359-7018                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Areas of Emphasis that REQUIRE prior teaching certification in Washington State or equivalent:

     Curriculum & Instruction - A strong choice for teachers who are active in curriculum choices in their schools or

          for completing Principal Certification prerequisites if you do not already have a Master's degree.

      Literacy - Designed for classroom and reading coaches.  

Area of Emphasis where prior teaching certification is OPTIONAL:

     Educational Foundations - Designed for the individual wanting a broad understanding of the history, philsophy and organization of education.

     Adult Education - Provides an advanced educational opportunity for persons seeking to work with adults in educational settings.

     Early Childhood Education - Designed to provide candidates with or without certification advanced study in the  area of Early Childhood Education.  

To download application procedures, click here    Document will be placed in your download folder.

Application Deadlines:

Fall Quarter  - application closes September 1st

Winter Quarter - application closes December 15th

MIT Application deadline is Feb. 10, 2017

Spring Quarter - application closes March 1st

Summer Quarter - application closes June 1st

Master in Teaching - application closes mid-February - 2/18/2016.  Only one application period per academic year.   Program starts late June - this year 6/20/2016.



For more information, contact Robin Showalter, Graduate Programs


What will I study?

Emphases / Concentrations:

  • Curriculum and Instruction - Teaching Certification Required
  • Literacy - Teaching Certification Required
  • Early Childhood Education - Teaching Certification Optional
  • Adult Education - Teaching Certification Not Required
  • Educational Foundations/Interdisciplinary - Teaching Certification Not Required
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