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Adult Education

Master of Education - Adult Education Emphasis


This program provides an advanced educational opportunity for those persons seeking to work with adults in educational settings.  These settings include but are not limited to community colleges' vocational programs, adult basic skills programs, in-service coordination for business and industry, and military training.   It is anticipated that students will come from a variety of backgrounds, most having a bachelor's degree with some additional work and some having master's degrees in other areas.   Recommended prerequisite: PSYC 306 Adult Development. No teaching certification required.


Common Requirements (25 credits)


Psychological Foundations

EDUC 522 Transformation of Learning & Teaching (4) OR

PSYC 515 Advanced Educational Psychology (4)


Historical, Philosophical and Social Foundations of Education (choose two)

EDUC 502 History of American Education (4) OR

EDUC 507 Philosophy & Organization of the American School (4)


EDUC 505 Current Issues in Education (4) OR

EDUC 506 Educational Sociology (4)


Research and Applied Experience:

  EDUC 520 Methods of Educational Research (4)

  EDUC 695 Internship (4)

  EDUC 600 Thesis (5) OR EDUC 601 Research Report (5)


Area Specialization and Credit Hours (11 credits)


COIN 571 Survey of Post-Secondary Education (4)

COIN 572 Strategies for Teaching Adults (4)

COIN 581 Workshop in College Teaching (3)


Electives (12 credits)

        Elective support courses approved by advisor.



Revised  August 19, 2013      Applies to those fully admitted for Fall 2012 and after

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