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Master of Education - Literacy Emphasis


This emphasis is designed for both classroom and reading coaches as they work toward an understanding of the role that literacy plays across the curriculum and over time.  The program explores philosophies and processes for teaching literacy and ways to use writing to support the reading process in the P-12 educational setting.   A copy of state teaching certificate must accompany the graduate application.   Teaching certification required.



Common Requirements (25 credits)


Psychological Foundations

EDUC 522 Transformation of Learning & Teaching (4) OR

PSYC 515 Advanced Educational Psychology (4)


Historical, Philosophical and Social Foundations of Education (choose two)

EDUC 502 History of American Education (4) OR

EDUC 507 Philosophy & Organization of the American School (4)


EDUC 505 Current Issues in Education (4) OR

EDUC 506 Educational Sociology (4)


Research and Applied Experience:

  EDUC 520 Methods of Educational Research (4)

  EDUC 695 Internship (4)

       EDUC 600 Thesis (5) OR EDUC 601 Research Report (5)


Area Specialization (24 credits)



EDUC 542 Literature Study in the Elementary and Middle School (4)

EDUC 544 Advanced Reading Methods Across the Curriculum (4)

EDUC 560 Reading Inquiry (4)

EDUC 576 Advanced Literacy Methods (4)

EDUC 590 Critical and Social Literacies (4)

EDUC 591 Instructional Foundations and Interventions for Literacy Difficulties (4)



Revised August 19, 2013      Applies to those fully admitted for Fall 2012 and after




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