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Our program offers a variety of English majors and minors. Our English degrees provide students with a strong background in critical analysis, the structure of language, and literary history before they begin specific career preparation in their selected programs.

Eastern's English faculty includes superb teachers and scholars fully committed to students' current education and students' professional futures. Students who pursue a major or minor in English can count on personalized class settings taught by our full-time faculty. Our settings encourage students to ask questions and develop strong intellectual ties with professors and other students.

Follow the links on the left navigation bar to read more about our programs, faculty, or scholarships, and always refer to the current course catalog for the most up-to-date course requirements.

What are the degree options?

The EWU English Department offers a variety of majors, minors, graduate programs, and certificates. Please refer to the list on the right for more detailed information.

Pursuing an English major will help you develop reading, writing, and critical thinking skills; it will bring you success in your academic studies and future careers. Our program will introduce you to literature and writing techniques that will give you a deeper appreciation of art and culture. We offer advanced skills and theoretical understanding to guide you to a level of mastery in your chosen field.

Undergraduates who receive a minor in English benefit in the workplace with superior communication skills. The program is a perfect complement for those of you who enjoy writing and teaching English. Expand your mind and your competitive edge in the workplace.

The Department of English offers two graduate degree programs: a Master of Arts in English and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Graduate students often go on to pursue a PhD or rewarding post-collegiate careers. Many students who earn a Master of Arts in English are preparing to become professional writers, literature teachers, ESL teachers, or doctoral candidates.

What can I do with my degree?

Successful careers in the "real world" often depend on clear writing, critical thinking, and the ability to work professionally with others. Businesses and government agencies find that well-prepared English majors have the intellectual and analytical skills needed to excel in developing new policies, services, and ideas. Students majoring in English at Eastern will find themselves prepared for a wide variety of careers. The fact that English is recognized for both its professional and liberal-arts content increases career opportunities.
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