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English/Secondary Education Minor

This minor satisfies the endorsement for grades 5-12.

It also meets the requirements for an English Add-On Endorsement (for post-baccalaureate students who currently possess a Washington State Teaching Certificate) 

What will I study?

Choose one of the following: 5 credits

ENGL 270 Introduction to Fiction (5)
ENGL 273 Critical Methodologies (5)

Required Courses: 30 credits

ENGL 271 Introduction to Poetry (5)
ENGL 350 Shakespeare (5)
ENGL 408 The Composition Process (5)
ENGL 459 Grammar for Teachers (5)
ENGL 490 Teaching English in Secondary School (5)
ENGL 493 Teaching Literature to Adolescents (5)

Choose one of the following courses: 5 credits

ENGL 340 Survey of British Literature I (5)
ENGL 341 Survey of British Literature II (5)
ENGL 342 Survey of British Literature III (5)
ENGL 343 Survey of American Literature I (5)
ENGL 344 Survey of American Literature II (5)

Note: ENGL 408, 459 and 493 are prerequisites for ENGL 490 and cannot be taken concurrently with it. Minimum grade point for ENGL 408, 459 and 493 is 3.00. Minimum grade point average for all other courses required in the minor and add-on endorsement is 2.5. 

For the most current information about program requirements, please see EWU Catalog.

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